Shanghai dragon Moz Baby ten years history of noble algorithm

in the General Assembly held in Boston search engine strategies (SES) algorithm upgrade officially named, upgrade was also the baby the first name of the algorithm. At first the nobility baby major upgrade on a monthly basis, so the beginning of several upgrades are integrated algorithm changes and included refresh (noble baby Dance). With the upgrade of more and more frequent, the monthly update plan soon die.


noble baby

noble baby released its browser toolbar, the toolbar is a small green (PR value), days after so many webmaster is crazy, and even the formation of a sale of the industrial chain. Every three months the baby "," noble Dance owners are most concerned about is this little green no longer.


Shanghai dragon Moz

for some of the basic quality of the outer chain released, such as obtained from the same number of links a domain name, its value is reduced. In addition to the hidden text and links Cassandra were also targeted treatment.

December 2000 –

reports: noble – Update "Cassandra" is baby here

April 2003 – Cassandra

as a search engine marketing personnel, understand the algorithm changes contribute to the analysis of website ranking and traffic situation changes, we list below the upgrading of several influential algorithm, familiar with these algorithms the change will contribute to your work in Shanghai dragon.


recently released a new feature, the algorithm changes the nobility baby. From 2000 to 2011 every upgrade in detail are as follows:

A noble baby upgrade

official news: aristocratic nobility baby baby Launches The noble baby Toolbar


May 2003 – Dominic

03 years May aristocratic baby for a number of upgrades to upgrade changes, Dominic specific parameters which are not clear. Noble baby "vertical" and "horizontal" spider "Freshbot" and "Dee>


algorithm to change the nobility baby every year up to 500-600 times, but many changes are very small. But every few months, noble baby do a comparison of the algorithm upgrade, these upgrades will directly affect the ranking of search results.

February 2003 – Boston

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