Yuan Shanghai Longfeng problems before the construction of a website


A lot of

station under construction, construction personnel should pay attention to these points, domain name, path, and flash pictures, space program selection, will directly affect the later website optimization. Why? Tips: a push network marketing training enrollment, want to participate in the network marketing of Shanghai dragon training and see more of the friend, please SE0 yuan or a push search. Please keep the reprinted copyright information.

2, the path level too deep. The path is URL (A / A, layer) directly affect the site included, the longer the URL search engines crawl on longer, such as: (贵族宝贝tui18贵族宝贝/tuiguang/ /2011/09/10/9898.html, Shanghai dragon) you see, the site directory is very deep, is better than the computer folder, (A /) is a folder, we need to open the file to see a lot of articles, but also that the search engines work, is not a waste of time to search engine. So, the proposal is to shorten the yuan in the URL level and the length of. Such as: (贵族宝贝tui18贵族宝贝/ /9898.html, Shanghai dragon) so the search engine is also very clear this is about Shanghai dragon. It is easy to grasp. This is the need to pay special attention to in the site.


3, flash website, too many pictures. Love in Shanghai search engine optimization guidelines also stressed that the website content to let the search engine readable. If it is a piece of beautiful pictures, the search engine is not to see, do not know, we try to avoid such a situation. If it is to do a wedding photography, must be a lot of pictures, then use the alt attribute to each picture has a name, tell the search engine the name of each picture, so the search engine will know this is a picture of a beauty. This is the need to do, otherwise a great influence on the later stage. The ALT attribute can see how to write.

1, not related to domain name and website theme. When buying the best domain name, domain name and website theme, search engine is very important keywords of the domain name, the domain name of the website is the most what, try to contain such information. Because the search engine to the site will be the theme of the analysis, the domain name contains keywords, search engines will be judged directly, your website is what to do, is also very easy to distinguish users. So we can easily draw the keyword domain name is very important. The ranking is also helpful.

website optimization when facing such a problem, can not be a good search engine included (not included no ranking), which to a large extent, and in the station website, people do not understand or do Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon has a certain reason, the establishment of the time required to do optimization, in order to better search for SEO friendly, can let the search engines? Yuan for everyone to solve the problem of

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