Offbeat way chain love Shanghai know you don’t know the secret

certificate by the State Ministry of personnel, Ministry of education, issued by the Ministry of human resources and social security department and other domestic institutions.


Pictured above is


the above conditions many people can meet, only one condition "has a professional in the field of qualification certificate". I click into view, as shown in the

see, "experts" four words, if you are a user, see the love of Shanghai recognized the "experts", what would you think? Surely I should not say it.

here we know how to do it. Hurry, I have to prepare application materials, so as long as the answer is accepted, there will be a chain of the anchor text, but also love Shanghai. The weight of


the curious click into the view, was not outside the chain, but the label and Links surprised me.


partners can add links. If you have 1000 answer is adopted as the answer, such as can be imagined, your anchor text outside the chain how many love Shanghai. Moreover, the 1000 answer I think we all know what to do, but don’t worry, slowly training.

we all know, love Shanghai know there is very great to put the chain, before answering questions to each other outside the chain has no way through, recently there are many webmaster in writing that there is no need to have sex in Shanghai product chain. Today I use a fact that, even if there is no chain, love Shanghai know still can become a powerful weapon for your traffic sources. The following case also has the function similar to


cut the crap.

part of the certificate request


so many webmaster like me are curious, how to become a professional love Shanghai people know? This is how many years out of the days and months multiplying upgrade. The answer is no, please see the following picture


in WikipediaThe first view to love Shanghai


from the Huaian Shanghai dragon company: 贵族宝贝runming Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/ original release, A5 first, please indicate the source.

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