How will the Shanghai Dragon into marketing thinking

the requirements for the enterprise of Shanghai dragon is more and more high, the only goal of the website is not Shanghai dragon, on the other hand, even if the optimization webmaster did not get good rankings, but can bring high benefit to marketing, so also can reach the purpose of enterprise website. Obviously, the Shanghai Dragon into marketing thinking is the future direction of development of Shanghai dragon Er, the webmaster how to do

second, not for submission and write articles. Shanghai dragon Er every day the most basic work is to write the original article, make a high quality articles for publication in Gao Quanzhong’s platform, to enhance the website weight is one of the most valuable channel, but ran for this purpose, many webmaster and not thinking too much for the marketing effect, only for an article in the resources to put all sorts of things together contribute platform, users see it over. In fact, this way of thinking is sometimes more is a waste of resources, why not by a high quality articles guide users to buy the products to network > desire?



why? You should Er Shanghai dragon are very clear, before the website optimization need not consider too much, and the goal is clear, as long as the site keywords ranking do go up to complete the task even if the content with the chain has become the universal formula of Shanghai dragon, but is the optimum way for web sites, there may be some some effect, but the marketing value is very little, in the course of time, will be abandoned by the user. In other words, no marketing value in Shanghai Longfeng do better but is a gorgeous shell. Then, the enterprise will not make Shanghai dragon look too important.

with the Internet era of development and progress, Internet marketing is particularly important, in addition to the intelligent search engine optimization gradually beyond the requirements for the enterprise of Shanghai dragon also is not only confined to the site of the weight of ascension, profit is the ultimate goal of every enterprise website, so all the work in the Shanghai dragon tend to marketing, earlier Shanghai Longfeng thinking has gradually lost its original meaning.

first, do not blindly send the chain. Once the site optimization of the chain effect is very important, so in order to increase the number of the chain and continue to search for the chain platform simply released outside the chain, it can only bring a little bit of weight for the site, but for users is of no value, this kind of thinking has nothing, just to please the chain search the engine only, no real significance to the user, is not to mention the role of marketing. The hair of the chain to choose the real drainage and the opportunity to promote the conversion of the platform to do, even if the weight lifting is not much use, it is worth doing. For example, WeChat group, QQ group and other social platforms, they all know that, in the interactive group more outside the chain, has no direct impact on your weight, but the marketing effect is worthy of recognition, therefore, prefer to do so outside the chain, but also not in the search engine in a pool of stagnant water please.

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