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can still be used here, so what is the purpose of your shop? Is to let more people know you? I think it should not be, can be said to have 90% people to make money, is to sell your products. Well, this is the need to put the location, products, and the overall layout is combined. This conversion rate can be high! You say

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is popular in Shanghai between the dragon and a very classic saying is "the chain for the king, the contents of the emperor". This sentence is very classic, but I still can’t read the chain for the importance of the Shanghai dragon from this sentence, at least not a quantitative concept. Today is to give an example to illustrate the chain for Shanghai dragon and the role of the site

these are just a humble opinion leaves, may not be very accurate. In fact, these proportions can’t quantify this on your own to grasp. You can now find a very profitable uncle or aunt ask them, what is the position to make money a little more or a little more money overall layout, also.

if you shop in downtown, but your store price is not very low, give people the decoration style is also very dirty feeling, people here do not want to see your products. Do you think that the store is open so useful? Between the internal layout and related products to each other is placed can affect the user’s desire to buy. Maybe some people will say I rely on the chain to the site’s ranking sit up, do not need to complete the layout. Yes, yes, but did you ever think, then your website jump out rate will be very poor, the conversion rate has no more. This is not our purpose.

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your next online shop will consider what factors? Is the first store location, followed by the supply of it, also need to consider how the style of the decoration can attract people? There is how to put the position of the item can increase sales? These are the need to consider the issue of your. Here we have called the chain store location, content is the store’s products, the chain is within you in the shop layout. You may also is not very understanding of the relationship between them, so now the leaves continue to give you analysis. A good position to help you get your shops to get more people to read; a good product can attract more customers to watch; a good layout and decoration style and speech stimuli can stimulate customer’s desire to buy. Well, now basically clear! Or give some examples to explain the


if there is no chain you will? Shop in a remote village, you store the product is good also can only have the several very impressive customer. You may say that if I do well in the chain can have a lot of included ah! I also want to say, you are really good if someone will help you to word-of-mouth marketing! But these are very small, by this we will starve to death.

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