To distinguish between content and optimize the content difference of reasonable bidding edit websit

two is the basis of bidding content marketing and the marketing is of a high standard of marketing, if your site is slightly wrong, then the whole marketing is the wrong marketing, content marketing bidding and bidding directly linked to the customer through the auction words into your site, the customer wants to reach a deal, and bidding we will consider himself as a customer, step by step on the road to let customers into the transaction.

two is the optimization of the site should also pay attention to retain users, better user experience, and bidding different, our website optimization flow is limited, if not able to optimize the content in the website users will retain users so we have less and less, and our website ranking will gradually reduce, in the face of this when editing optimized content as much as possible to the user by Sarkozy, and in the search engine requirements in our content should also be associated with the site is high and the original content, to this point our site

is a website optimization not only depends on the user’s thinking, the more time we also need to pay attention to search engine elements when editing the content of the website optimization we can not copy and paste + reprint, we also cannot pseudo original + machine creation, we can not always do not update the website content, relative to the auction site the optimization is taking too many webmaster webmaster execution, execution is not in place if we optimize the content must be invalid content, so the optimal content must request the webmaster have high execution to take the content of the website editor, editorial content of at least should ensure that every day there are different content appearing in search engine the spider, so that it can stabilize the site’s search engine ranking, which is the biggest difference with the content of the bidding, bidding content with Modify and update italy.

editing bidding content must be controlled two

edit optimized content must be controlled

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is a bidding content is to pay as the basis to attract users to join the site, so as to enhance the site conversion rate. As a webmaster, why do we have to bid, what is our bidding basis? All of these need deep thinking webmaster, do the bidding is very high cost, so the website content we have to bid up the cost of bidding website. In the bidding website content editing should first be guaranteed strategy, bidding and optimization are not the same, it does not need to think too much of the web content is not good effect on the search engine, for only need advertising. Only the conversion rate.

love Shanghai optimization of industry consolidation, many sites have to give up doing optimization to bid, which resulted in the two extremes of the current Internet, one extreme is part of the site still rely on the optimization of survival; another extreme is part of the site by bidding for development. In the face of these two extremes as a webmaster must be able to distinguish the difference between the content of bidding content and optimization, which is the basis of knowledge website.

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