Learn how to optimize keywords in natural writing

have written essays, writing the same page can refer to argumentative writing, the article should have arguments and summarize the point. The beginning of this paper is to show to argument, nature will contain the keywords. In the following argument in writing again two or three times, fast to the end will appear again delicate keywords, such that a page of text optimization is completed.

What is the When the

page content of course need to consider two key concepts: the number of words appear namely (frequency) and density. The first search engine algorithm that the more number of keywords in your article if your web page and the relevance of keywords is also higher, but now the search engine algorithm has been more complicated. Even if we adjust the keywords frequency and density, web page value is not necessarily high. So generally speaking, if the website space is not big, two or three is enough. As long as it does not stack keywords.


keywords of the layout of the second skills? The article is written by people, people can understand the article, but the search engine algorithm is not sensitive to understand the meaning of this article. In fact, the search engine can grasp the relationship between words, namely keyword semantic correlation. Such as "pen" and "pencil" often appear in the same article, although the close degree both below synonyms, but search engines will think that these two words are very relevant. We don’t in time "writing is limited to the target keywords, we need to support our target keywords with other similar words, such as optimizing the" weight loss "of the word, how to strengthen its relevance? Not that repeated the word" lose weight "on the line, but also can appear" downsizing "and" fitness "," Sports "," coach "and so on. At the time of writing and Logical Grammar can naturally go into the.


conversion keywords of the layout of another trick is the keyword synonym synonym. Is simple to write a synonym or synonyms for the same thing alias. For example, U disk, memory card, mobile hard disk, these words can appear in the cross. The title tags and text writing and target keywords group should have correlation in H tags and ATL text and blackbody should pay attention to, such as the proper use of the blackbody, because the search engine will give it a little more weight than ordinary text. When using the word to avoid the black "Shanghai dragon optimization technology" into "Shanghai dragon" and "optimization", "technology" of the three words, and we should take the "Shanghai dragon optimization technology" all set in bold, so the search engine is easy to understand.

When we go to school

we optimize the website when the web page content writing is very important. Then entering the Shanghai dragon industry webmaster is often confused how should we layout page keyword

?When we write the

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