The enterprise website promotion Keywords to blossom everywhere

which can determine the enterprise website promotion target keywords sequence: –> industry classification; –> product term. Then we will use a website to optimize industry word + 1+ classification 1 products. Another website optimization industry word + 2+ classification 2 products. This website basically can use several words. Most of all industry customers search words are optimized. And every site optimization industry, and there is no doubt that the industry is the most searched word customer target words, so that when customers search for any classification, any product, then you have to show in the customer’s website at present, then don’t miss a target seekers.

enterprise website mainly to do general customers are the most searched word or word industry products, the general long tail keywords, search the customer are rarely, or instant search long tail keywords, but these search is not to buy products or services, and in order to find a solution. For example, the industry is a CNC machine tool industry in general, want to buy this equipment is usually a direct search of the word "CNC machine tool", even if there is a similar search "what is a CNC machine tool" or "how to maintenance of CNC machine tools and so on these long tail word search is not for the purchase of equipment. So the enterprise website optimization keywords should be more energy input to the target keywords.


products more if the enterprise website optimization is not comprehensive, so when the B2B industry reflects its value. For all B2B sites within the industry are registered down, then targeted on B2B optimization products. Because the B2B weights are relatively high, the general long tail keywords product name or row >


there is also a case, because many devices are more than one object, such as the same product, which is called A, also called B, also called C. The method for this is to first determine the name of this product with more, those with a relatively small, such as the 80% customer call him A, then put the A that this article main keywords, use a website to optimize. Other B, C with another website optimization. It will also have different titles and different habits of the target search are "wiped out".

enterprise website content is relatively small, but also key words are relatively simple, as long as do the optimization, so basically can rank to your desired position. But because the enterprise website search habits and characteristics of customers, are generally the main object type keywords, long tail keywords search marketing customers are less, so the main focus of enterprise website should be placed in the target words. But often because one thing more than the name of the product, resulting in a website will not target keywords all do, so how should we do it? Today I will share their experience, eventually make their own keywords in the search engine to flowering times.

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