The reason don’t Links the exchange station

before I said, and I also exchanged Links station, I think it is a potential link exchange station was not worth, I am responsible for the site, at an early stage, and my group of friends is to exchange links that value is the major development potential, I personally think that this link will be a good link, but good times don’t last long after a period of time, when there is some progress after the station optimization, the other from the link, and the speed is quite fast, so I want a lot of network promotion personnel should often encounter; I also have psychological a little uncomfortable, because I am in charge of the site is not bad, but I this is a small station, not included station, but the weight and the PR value is less than the other poor, even at that time Some of the keywords ranking also better than large, but people just do not need me this link, I wonder.

exchange links in the QQ group, I also encountered similar portal site link exchange, such as the 58 city in an area of the site, a site area of 168 classification a classification, tuba rabbit decoration site category, and some do not remember; in fact these stations are very good but, some people and capital flow, human input is relatively large, the development of a new site area, the optimization will soon go up, from a macro point of view, to make links similar to this station, is absolutely a potential link, may bring some clicks the rate of weight of the ranking, may have some help, even the value of PR have some improvement, so why don’t I large site exchange links?

now Links exchange is a patient and careful work, each enterprise exchange standard of Links are different, when I exchange Links, met a lot of cases, some group of friends exchange Links love Shanghai more than to snapshot weight, fresh degree for the love of Shanghai the snapshot is relatively high; some of the industry correlation is very strict; some industry correlation is not high, but the measurements must meet the standard; more wonderful is that some group of friends when there are some special links for the keywords, such as I met such a situation, when I exchange links with a a group of friends (I usually exchange links in the QQ group), we were in disagreement in the key words above, I have no keyword index, the index of keywords group of friends, We have not reached a consensus.

is responsible for some station exchange link staff more arrogant, say what we are portals, in the course of conversation seems like the site air beneath contempt, not how, but the tone and attitude is really annoying, a style so I see borrowing power to do evil, not used in the speech given some aggressive behavior the other to resist the arrogant attitude, the result is of course part; some major exchange links, links each other deeply, such as the weight of 1, but the group of friends is that.

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