A copy of the world article say love Shanghai nternet Ecological blueprint debut

" report "(currently) in all of the PC side of the site, low quality sites accounted for more than 75% (low quality website 40% for cheating station, 20% worthless sites, 40% bad acquisition station)".

is so, the reason is because the network content all marketers are eager to "marketing, good content is good, bad is good" as the Shanghai dragon creed, the "content is king" wrongly equated with "more" content is king ", say more, sell more", in the content of making Jerry, "almost on the line", or even "the world is a big copy, see you will not copy copy copy" pseudo original acquisition "in the end.

of course, such a situation is fully formed, will play in the domestic network marketing industry.

vividly illustrates the deterioration of ecological Chinese Internet — although we say that the "customer first", "content is king", but the entire network content "bad money drives out good" trend is more obvious, all the junk content is meaningless with keywords "raging network. "The acquisition station, cheating site, worthless sites throughout the Internet and resource environment in higher proportion, and the dominant trend. High quality resources and living space in decreasing".

This set of data

think that the kind of "good ranking content is good, bad is good" Shanghai dragon without changing the inherent industry concept, is completely mistaken. Because of the "report" said the "Internet information explosion" is just a kind of abnormal prosperity, constructing the content system of the whole industry is ignored in the content, system construction to "who is more bad, the inevitable result of low level competition intense homogenization.

when the "Shanghai dragon die", "Shanghai dragon ER switch" and other negative topic in the industry rampant occasion, 2013 report China website operation trend Webmaster Platform released "love Shanghai" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") pointed out: "the explosion of the Internet information, how will the information users need to recommend to the user before key: predictions in order to increase the network marketing content exposure," grab eyeballs "for the purpose of Shanghai dragon is still worthy of attention in 2013.

love Shanghai said the 2013 Shanghai dragon still need attention

Enumerated data confirms this point: "

But if

it is not beyond all expectations – the whole world has more than 644 million active sites, how to make our promotion content by potential users easily found, so as to realize their desired marketing expectations, is still the primary goal of the website operators marketing, bring potential target customers that Shanghai still can not easily give up the dragon.


China Internet website of low quality distribution


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