Five tips to make your blog link be full of sound and colour


blog links will make people feel surprised. With the golden value of the blog is based on a large user base and active community. Not only do they have a common link and advantage is very useful to enhance brand awareness and industrial benefit.

link to your blog community relations never forget. As far as possible the use of relations to improve your community influence, so that we can get more posts containing your links. Generally speaking, a link, a person has and you mutual attention, and quote your blog content, asking people to add your link to more easily than you abruptly.

if your blog link does not get some external links each other so it is unable to give you too much interest. No matter whether you wrote an anonymous post or by some useful links mentioned, if this page only internal links, which have only a small role. But if this page can get some external links, so it can at least get a double effect.

link seems not so difficult, and now you must create a link for your link. I haven’t done systematic research, just do some observation.

Although only a few




recommend some good

but we don’t talk about Shanghai Longfeng temporarily. On the contrary will show that the associated link enables the readers to browse more in-depth. Of course, if they understand the Shanghai dragon if they appreciate this view.

Of course, there are many

is simply focus on each bloggers are the relationship between things: their readers.

title tags

blog patterns will inhibit their role. For example, with the passage of time was sunk into the depths of the blog. The new article they squeezed out from the main page or blog page directory. This result naturally leads to the chain effect in most of the blog in the archive page is limited.

positive and effective method to suppress the poor links and so on, then we can really do what

plug-in to ensure that these posts and articles. Some plugins can be used to promote each other and recommend related articles. But not every blogger can use these tools and you can’t ask too much of their blog to your search engine optimization.

if you have a blog link, especially if you are doing it, so why not make a recommendation? If the request this link or write for this link so that you can get an established relationship. If a blogger is not very effective on his blog for interconnection, then he should accept some friendly advice.

But sometimes

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