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I suggest that if you do some keyword optimization page, preferably contains set keywords in the message header, and the main key is placed in front of the title part, to improve the ranking of search results, at the same time, the author also suggested that the keyword 3-5 is usually used around to look at the key words length, keywords short words with 5 similar words, keywords long words with three or so, the author of "the basic layout of this kind of method is included, well, more analysis of search engine, in fact even more friends to search the practice, I believe you will find more tips. 贵族宝贝 from Shanghai dragon welcome to reprint, exchange.

of course, this is an analysis and speculation, because we can not accurately cast search engine, search engine can only correctly according to the standardized encoding of our web page. By observing the most ", we will find that many web pages are web page title optimization according to the above analysis, the main keywords in the title in front of a point, although the page rank and relevant keyword weights and is popular, but according to the search experience is the main keywords in the title in the title, write a left position, the search results will depend on the previous point, this is an indisputable fact, many websites such as the news page is the front headline in the page title, such as" the Shanghai accident _ Tencent news _ Tencent贵族宝贝 ", and there is such an arrangement" title "XX network _ Sports news _ Indy Car pileup accident", because the user’s goal is the title of the front part, and not to browse the website name, the user browsing experience, but also A good way.

today opened the forum found that the site has changed into a stone from the simple form of Forum blog + Forum, and increased Shanghai Longfeng words in title, due to the discovery of a relatively late, the snapshot has been out believe that pay attention to the word of Shanghai Longfeng ranking people will know. Clearly this shows that the word Shanghai dragon competition has intensified, and then according to the original model is likely to be eliminated

through the analysis of a period of time come to the preliminary conclusion that the web page title and keywords, there is a certain weight rating. For example, on the left of the title text more weight is higher, or simply search the page title text than on the front part of the title text page ranking than before, for example, has a web page titled "tea box, tin packaging, tin box, we search the three words when in the search engine web page ranking, is not the same, such as the search for" tea box "," on the home page will appear, and search "tin packaging" "tin box", will appear in the comparison on the page, so our analysis is not the main keywords in the title on the front, there will be the search rankings

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