Analysis on how to optimize the website page

most of us can know to Shanghai dragon as the rational interspersed repeated keywords. Here I focus to introduce the relevant reading plate, reading plays a very role: to improve the center of the page keyword density.

case: love Shanghai love Shanghai product library, in addition to the title of the article, behind only four words "love of Shanghai library". The more literal title appears in the title has nothing to do with the weight, the lower the title belongs to.

2, popular and recognized


page keywords appear


with the user’s attention. The interaction shows what? That is, interact with users interested in things. Two, interact with rich user experience. Now in the network into the 2 era, the 2 is the largest network of interactive features. I think the search engine will also consider in this regard. After the search engine, below I share the inside pages of the website to improve specific skills, and to explain the case.

times 2, improve the

many friends engaged in Shanghai Longfeng experienced in the search engine keywords website ranking, most will look into the web page ranking, how to make a web page in the search engine ranking the first page of the forefront? Here I am with you for my share of. Before you speak and skills, but also to all the three aspects about the importance of the search engine.

The interaction of

search engine has been pay attention to user experience, user search "Ji’nan SMS which good results search out all is not what I want to search information, or search out the information quality is not good, this is the" user experience is not good". Therefore, the search engine has been done in the "adjustment" and "small adjustment". "Want to provide search results" – I think it will be a search engine platform has been trying to target users search precision. From this, I believe that any one search engine platform will be abandoned search users.

1, title in addition to reduce unnecessary statement heading outside appear.

3, visitors interactive function of

a lot of people are welcome, recognition of things, we can think that he is the probability of good stuff is very large. This is the search engine "quality". If an article published in the original site, by multiple sources of news, forums, blogs and so on network media outlets, we can not think so: the original article had been repeatedly reproduced, because this article is of very high quality, very valuable. Search engine is to determine the value of this. So for the original article. "Reprinted the chain" more, search engine will think this article value is high, heavy weight will be higher.



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