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three, entrepreneurship three questions

Secondly, the establishment of a unique

car team was founded in 2014 April, the establishment of the early, that is, red point 5 million U. s.dollars investment. Since July began operating on-line, all car business has covered Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen City, the source of more than 1000 cars in the car, the monthly turnover reached 30>


entrepreneurship story:

1, what’s the original intention of entrepreneurship,


answer: second-hand car trading cycle is very long, repeat purchase rate is low.

latest news: the latest learned billion state power network, to complete the B round of financing of second-hand car trading platform C2C announced that "everyone before the car". It is understood that the B round of $20 million financing, including the policy source, VC and ray under the banner of capital lead investment, A round of investors, red point investment to stay with the cast, Huaxing capital as the current round of financing financial advisers. According to the current round of financing, the car is currently valued at about $150 million.


2, what is the entrepreneurial model,

one, pioneering projects: used car C2C trading platform, "everyone car"


expensive buy phenomenon for the Internet Co innovative trading patterns of opportunities. Thus, there has been a B2B model based secondary car electronic business platform, car easy to shoot and excellent letter shoot, C2B model of electronic business platform, safe, good car and open new gang to sell, as well as C2C model of everyone’s car.

brand with the increasingly fierce competition, this will inevitably lead to the beauty industry "resources" tide, a large number of professional line brand reorganization, target management system is becoming perfect, developers in the marketing channel, most choose pathway of direct sales, to reduce intermediate links, increase the profit. Moreover, with the consumer to choose diversified products the intellectual and the price of the product requirements. More reflected its added value, the trends prompted developers to make full use of the marketing mix use different marketing methods to start the terminal market. At the same time the agents are also facing to the scale, the inevitable trend of professional transformation:. Therefore the development mode about the agent system. It is necessary to find operation to the chain scale to the monopoly Agency Development and the whole brand participation agents become developers brand management partners and network agent Electronic Commerce direction. The chain, olive type: chain operation is a trend of development of the beauty industry has entered into a comprehensive planning stage. It needs the organic system, strong support for the sales network, products to the market to enter the circulation to create a huge space to accept "chain operation is a highly cohesive the marketing mode of.

traditional second-hand car market, due to the 4S shop, second-hand car dealers such as a large number of intermediate links, resulting in good condition of the second-hand car is not reasonable price acquisition, while the buyers because of the lack of a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle information and imperceptibly from the terminal of second-hand car dealer hands buy second-hand car.

the traditional manufacturing industry the most advanced sales channels than in electronic commerce information flow as a platform, the traditional logistics distribution as the backbone to the terminal chain for the new marketing mode of electronic supply chain era of the flesh. This will also be the final outlet for the traditional agent system in the beauty industry.

two, entrepreneur: founder Li Jian, has served as sh419 vertical search and community business director of products and 58 city vice president of products.

everyone car founder and CEO Li Jian

third, because the agent system is essentially low input, high output, and give full play to the people

answer: during the 58 city tenure, Li Jian is mainly responsible for this piece of enterprise products, including second-hand cars. Li Jian said, 58 city as the country’s largest information platform, then obtained a lot of used car industry data and information, so more optimistic about this direction, at the same time, he is also very interested in the car.

with B2B mode and C2B mode of the car is easy to shoot a good car safely, every car in the virtual consignment platform personal second-hand car, through the open platform to achieve docking buyers and sellers, buyers and sellers, and provide customer service and service guarantee transactions, transactions to collect second-hand car price 3% as a platform service fee.

to make the current agent system successfully establish brand awareness, the most important measure is to expand the scale of business reorganization. Day walk the road of industrialization, that is to take the combination of mergers, the establishment of a subsidiary. A variety of ways to develop agency services are conducted between cities and regions, and the brand name effect of agency service is established.

cosmetics business information agents to increase investment with hardware devices, the coalition government established cosmetics project development and investment. The market, domestic and international information system, provide a full range of services for consumers and customers.

full agent, touch type, whole agent is the whole process of agents involved in product development and management. The entire agency earlier in the planning stage to reduce the risk to the late sales, sales, to avoid the blind students. Of course, this requires the agency has the strength to do the development of consulting, investment advisory work and provide market research, project positioning, quality supervision, sales planning, marketing service management of the whole process of all in one service. Network proxy mode: compared with the traditional online agents, acting more like open market, information spread rapidly both supply and demand can choose every kind of means of communication, saving space and manpower and large capacity, the cost and efficiency advantage is obvious.

The sale of

3, what are the difficulties encountered?

After China’s accession to the

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