Analysis of the reasons for unsuccessful stationmaster (two)

wrote the last time the webmaster failed to reason (a), began to think about two writing ideas. In one, we mentioned three reasons for the unsuccessful website: 1, the importance of partners; 2, the purpose of the site; 3, do not adhere to the website?. May be of some help to you. Maybe it doesn’t help you.

next, I’ll look at the content of the website with personal experience. That is, our webmaster often said that the original works.

(1) content originality, importance and how to create original works

search engine spiders will come to your station almost every day. But every time I came to see it, I almost copied it from other websites. Then it gets bored too. It’s like a person who eats the same food regularly, whether or not sooner or later, the person gets fed up with the food. Spiders are the same. It also has its own requirements, and also wants to get more fresh food. You stand content, there have been more than N standing in the morning, you N days ago reprinted. Then you can put it on your station again. Almost as much as adding rubbish to yourself. So we have to give spiders new content, new flavors, let it come here to eat, let it think about here, eat, but also eat. Do not let it come back nausea. That would be too bad.

how to produce original content to fill their website, this is a very headache problem. 30% of my compositions in the 5 star composition net ( are written by our students themselves. Then we start composing and then send it to the website. These compositions can be said to be unique compositions on the internet. Gave the website very high weight. But for some technical reasons. Now the website weight is not high. I will elaborate on the following reasons. Get the original content of many ways, such as from a small number of forums to find relevant content, such as competition, so that members of the site to participate. I will not elaborate on the specific methods of operation. There are many ways to do original work on the Internet. You can search for it. Only the original works, do not want to do a good job of service, is also impossible.

The importance of

(2) web services.

a web site, content, and with the extension of time, the site traffic is also slowly more up. At this time we need to keep up with the service. I remember a webmaster in the article said such a thing: in order to increase a friendship link, around looking for the site of the webmaster, through many search, finally found the station founder. This also illustrates one point: the importance of web services. This is a master of the Internet to find resources, but also so much effort. If a just users access to the Internet, which makes her (he) is difficult to find you, that’s impossible. We look at these big websites again, a few more careful websites, almost every website has the method that contacts with stationmaster. Such as Baoding 123 (, the two QQ below the home page. You can click directly, and standing long.

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