A combination of web design and graphic design

a good web designer, graphic design skills is not very high? Will the plane design designer can do a web designer? Now the site construction company of fierce competition, and even college students team out of work, grab the website construction, the industry by industry, project price more and more low.


in the industry of the exercise makes me feel, a good web designer that must have good graphic skills, and the ability of graphic design, not necessarily for web designers, because web design requirements will need to understand website framework. HTML, CSS language.

network design of the very small, some responsible for the graphic design of the page, some responsible for that, some charge into HTML format, and program integration. And later the user experience analysis. These web designers have a good grounding plane. If you are a graphic designer, advertising design, or design pictures, such as packaging, want to do "normal transformation, then you must pay attention to that. We must pay attention to the scale, and then use the dreamwear software Study hard, learn how to create tables, font and frame. And even learn now mainstream DIV+CSS architecture.

I am now the 356 design station webmaster, http://s.356design.com welcome to explore the development direction of the industry with the designers. For the love of learning web design users to provide experience and help.

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