According to 2011 webmaster ten big news, see the development trend of grassroots webmaster

, a big strike against piracy several novel webmaster jailed for


novel network infringement, because not only do the webmaster "bad", and when received a letter sent to the starting point is still not taken seriously, caused the consequences of the final sentence and fined. I love literature, is the same reason, do too much, it must take into account this result.

according to incomplete statistics, "China has more than 530 thousand pirated literature websites, with a total profit of RMB 5 billion yuan per year."". 5 billion, I believe, in any website bigger, if tens of thousands or even hundreds of millions of dollars, so he is impossible to shift towards standardization consideration, that is to say, the 520 novel network headed by similar in this case is subject to criminal liability, the amount of income at most no more than 10 million. So generally calculate is not difficult to find that most of the funds are 50 billion in many small and medium sites obtained, so webmaster is smart, not only can obtain income, nor do the industry leader, to avoid the risk, is the best policy. When the state makes any rule that is not perfect, most of the cases will only be taken from the head. And for small, relatively low income sites, the country has no energy to supervise.

from the macro to the micro, now most website was shut are due to be reported, the nature of property rights infringement is the same, if not to mention it, more countries will not go to, was put forward to report property website, will be all the same site against its interests of the large or relatively large site. To put it plainly, those who do not want money.

so, for the first piece of news, I think that small and medium-sized owners in their own rights and interests is bound to be a downward trend, but it is an indispensable part. So in the development of small and medium-sized webmaster must see the situation, grasp the scale, but not for large qiuwen.

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two, more than 300 illegal online music sites are closed, pirated music sites into history

network music infringement problem. This is still a similar case. But the obvious difference is that you can see that Baidu MP3 hasn’t been closed because of piracy. The ostensible reason is that the music involved in Baidu is not stored on Baidu servers, so the number of music is constantly changing, and the collection of its data is not complete in a short time. But the fundamental reason is that Baidu is a large enterprise, and the cases between large enterprises can not be solved only by numbers, but there are many complicated relationships.

so, for the second piece of news, I think, as far as the country has put forward specific banned items for several years, try not to step in again. Even if do, also can only be regarded as a hand, instead of trying to get a lot of interest.

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