Three years garbage station webmaster career to my experience and insights

in this circle, there are quite a few Adsense tend to have a prejudice against the dumpster, and even despise, that is "crooked ways" the same thing, but at the same time, but also some of the Webmaster Station preference is good, even very much, I was a member of the latter. From the contact do stand up to now has been about three years, compared to many webmaster is not so long, but also enough to let me accumulate considerable experience from the operation site, all kinds of things which is encountered, let me continue to gain new insights. Obviously, maybe you’ve seen it. I’m a station owner who has been a garbage dump and is still a garbage collector.

do not waste station, so easy as you imagine, if there are so many new garbage station was born in simple words every day, can make stable profit and long operating time is less and less as far as possible, really touched the doorway of the webmaster is quietly playing the old cattle in the spirit of desire spend a lot of time, but very rare. Do the dumpster, which need something even more than normal station, it can be said that I think a successful webmaster can dump absolutely has a far beyond general webmaster abilities and advantages of these is to want to make a station successful you should study hard and have.

I understand and implement the profit model.

most of the webmaster do stand motivation is very simple, is through the station to realize their value, it is often used to win to prove. Therefore, it is the first task for a webmaster to earn money and earn as much money as possible. Therefore, the garbage station at the beginning of the station to clear this goal, and to the site’s profit point and profit model have done a rough plan, do know in the brother. For example, the use of pop-up advertising, union advertising and jump advertising and other forms, the traffic flow into income, less, which model is expected beforehand, and the remaining is the implementation.

two, the dedication and pursuit of traffic.

wants to get a steady and substantial profit through the garbage bin, in addition to traffic or traffic. To get traffic as much as possible, is to make a dumpster or N dumps began winning the only proper course to take. So the garbage station must understand and good at using various platforms or way to get traffic, whether through the hype, the SEO keyword ranking, through the promotion of soft paper, even the advertising message, a variety of ways you can try, but we must choose the most suitable for their own, but also the most effective way. So you can get a multiplier effect, make considerable traffic Everfount.

three, perseverance and tenacity and passion.

, as a garbage dump, is under the control of search engines, especially the search engines of, a Chinese search engine like Baidu. Therefore, in the process of doing the station, often by the search engine punishment or test, it is commonplace, then you need webmaster can >

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