The most special let Baidu included website method

made a website a little while ago, so he prepared the information and started the construction of the flying tiger website.

boils his eyes into a panda eye. Finally, the flying tiger website has a personal image. After adding a bit of original article, and then drink coffee and other search engines of all ages.

GG it is very love me, 3 days of Google to find success included, heart Qiexi, xixi. Does GG love me?. And then collect some data, keep updated every day a little article, in the weight of relatively high web site do chain. 10 days passed, and GG never gave up on me. But the big brother Baidu is blind to flatter me. It’s not urgent.

checked, dead spider did not to patronize my station, how to do? Then, and finally come up with a sunzhao. If you don’t come, I’ll seduce you. Act now,

(1) first make a word, and check it in Baidu. There is no such word. Easy to handle, I created the word is: Wulin data virtual host

(2) wrote an article about flying tigers on the website, which mentioned several times: "Flying Tiger", "plug-in


(3) began to seduce: "a new word, no one search, that does not waste my mind.". When I saw what recreational events were hot, I sent a post on several large forums.

Title: is Baidu sick these days? Don’t even report these things?


found these days big brother Baidu problems, and everyone to help me see, is not my computer poisoning,


search: Flying Tiger

search: Flying Tiger

search: Flying Tiger

search again: "Flying Tiger" (actually no search page?)

amazing! What a surprise! Let’s see if you guys will be like this! Hurry up! If you don’t, tell me qq:********


(head in mind), how many people will search on the same day: "martial arts data, virtual host" word?. If someone searches, Baidu will think this word is important, and will find the website about it. So, don’t come to me, where are you going? I’m a little bit bad, but bad)

West, as the spider can’t stand my temptation on the hook, the second day, the spider crazy included my station.

third days Baidu back

has been successfully included, it feels good.

, if your station has not been included, do not try to prevent it! Ha ha,


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