The four step, the implementation of small and medium-sized community website site guide

many webmaster are for a dream and walk on the road of operation website, the initial stage of the station is faced with great difficulties and challenges. Although it is easy to build a website, the technical webmaster will seriously ignore what he really wants to do. We recommend early community website construction in accordance with the following four steps:

1, target selection

There are three main principles and seven questions to ask for

goal selection:

1 and three principles

simple beauty



tick vertical segments

have localized into

2, seven, ask yourself

Whether the user needs the service of


?Whether or not

their own resources to support the Chinese


if you tick in this business?

Please consider your customer


Chinese regional development to achieve this business will be whether the outbreak stage of

?There is no successful cases in this area have history or

reference to the case of

?How long does it take to reach about

when the primary goal of


two, preliminary preparation,

prepare for the following tasks:

1, website name is very important, it is necessary to clearly point out what you are doing and what your service features are.

2, domain name is important, but don’t superstitious domain name. Technical webmaster 90% are domain name worshipers, and even often put the cart before the head for a domain name and do a web site. It doesn’t matter what the domain name is, it’s important how you do it.

3, commercial operation, you can not register before the company. Having registered a company has a lot of trouble, but formal business operations must be registered with the company.

4, do a good job filing. This is a work need only be pestered beyond endurance! A ICP can, do not need too many qualifications, still far from developed.

5, the formation of the smallest executable team, the initial team to sparrow, although five small dirty, technical, commercial, operational elements essential.

three, site building and technical framework

site to emphasize the word: planning. Taking the brain would delay more time and cause months of trouble on the line, even years of planning. The technical steps are as follows:

1, determine technical framework. What are the processes of users and customers? What are the business areas? What are the main industries? What are the most important functions? What is the architecture?

2, prepare the website space. Space is stable and reliable. Do not have a banned network on space related IP

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