Some understandings about Google Sitemap

when you just stepped into the SEO industry, you might ask me why my site rankings are so bad, my station is so small, and SEOER will teach you some measures, and one of them is website map.

here are some of my suggestions that might help you a little,

10 million don’t add every page to sitemap (except robots.txt)

2. seriously look and personality online generation of sitemap, believe our eyes

3. if there is sitemap production base or site content is less, manual production is the preferred

4. remembers checking your robot logs regularly and updating your sitemap


5. is recommended for goggle sites that have already been very good (depending on the size of the site), and it is best not to use sitemap

any more

website sitemap: such as

Google sitemap production methods include: manual production, software generation, online generation of

Google sitemap generation software: Google, Sitemaps,, V1.5

automatically generate Google Maps required for.Xml files, very useful

running environment requires.Net framework, no, you can download

on Microsoft website

Google sitemap submission address:

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