The Baidu home page hao123

a lot of Internet users’ computer home page is Baidu, but many times also want to use hao123, so in the Baidu home search box to search hao123, and then click the first result into the hao123. And the point is here,


why is this hao123 demand? This is because Baidu’s home is too clean, clean sometimes makes many users confused, do not know what to do? So I want to go to hao123 to see what new and interesting website.

hao123 is the Baidu Inc for their own products, so there are a lot of (search for at least hao123 million times a day) users need hao123, hao123 will be hanging on your home page link, reduce the use of their products for users of the search time, because hao123 will first open the hao123 home page.

secondly, the most important thing is to reduce the loss of hao123 users, which is also a bit of the chain, previously through search into hao123, used to let him search it.

, but the search results aren’t all hao123’s official web links, and there are many SEO competitive sites that specialize in hao123 chains.

their key word is hao123, and the link does point to their website. Baidu search results click Baidu, there is a record, we can not see,

but not on behalf of Lee boss can not see, see the intention of hao123 users, want to go to hao123’s Internet users to other people’s Web site,

‘s brand for hao123 is a hundred million dollars, assuming it hits more than ten thousand times a day, and Li certainly wants hao123 users,

only on the real hao123 site, rather than let the brand value free to other fake hao123. Speaking of fake hao123, there are a lot of primary Internet users do not know, is not really hao123, every day also feel that they are using hao123, go to other people to repair the computer friends should have met.

Baidu to do so is to protect the hao123 brand, do not let the other take advantage of fake hao123. It also protects hao123 traffic.

, if you are an ordinary Internet users, open other people’s computer home page is Baidu, and this ordinary Internet users at home computer is hao123, he used to,

of course still want to hao123, in this ordinary Internet users see Baidu home page there is hao123 link, that is of course, direct click into hao123.

, so the search for hao123 sites automatically reduces, and hao123’s brand protection aims.


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