The vast entrepreneurial experience sharing. How to use the network to start business entities

vast entrepreneurial experience. How to use the network to share business entity business

my writing style is not good enough, please forgive me

, let me introduce myself first,

Name: Chen Hao,

age: 22



with a handle

Name: the vast vast IBM


Nanjing to sell the vast vast

educational level: junior high school dropout

Occupation: desktop computer, DIY installed shop + second-hand IBM wholesale + Shenzhou Lenovo new channel

Internet Age: more than 9 years,

personality: cheerful, free, love communication, like to make friends,

hobby: network, reality corruption,

ideal: Nanjing and even Jiangsu, East China’s largest second-hand IBM wholesalers

was playing with game playing electric. The network began to play online games has been set to 17 years to find the direction of head pain money has done HI HI song song retail wholesale to the Nanjing morning news had been sent to the newspaper when the small private enterprise clerks, driver.CAD drawing, let high interest money. Even when F D* opened MLM station receiving leader, engaged in SP registration, spread 1 years ago due to private reasons to go to Beijing with my girlfriend and then read on Beijing for life, the Beijing team can really spread clear, what is the capital, just sold 2 thousand and 300 a day income. 07 years ago, in July, returned to his hometown, Nanjing. Opened the computer store business has been so far, the company upgraded from small counter into a private room, in Nanjing, Zhujianglu Road 517, mind 202

I want to say is how I let the network and the reality of the merger, shop how to start, how to avoid detours, not hot industry must choose a good direction and try not to compete when detours ready to start selling a product in your. Even if the competitiveness should at least do lose money for going to the friend can choose to kick the ball out from all walks of life are the same try at home, when looking for a good direction to find a good trick I just started doing computer, at first just want to get home to MLM station received 5 to buy a second-hand computer away. Which know to me found in the network processing, not only a year off the machine, losses also earned hundreds of units. I feel the online brain is still a lot of blind try kicking the ball (explain buck here is my language is what the A to play the role of C) can be divided into a variety of network marketing way I started selling several popular forum started in the local. In this forum, sales must play a purpose (slot! The trouble is, his own hype, good or bad, just send the destruction of industry rules prices can also be in the word Canon said: Crane). Let everyone remember you

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