The pursuit of the user is eternal value

is a function of more products, more can meet the various needs of users? Is not the effect of adding a bunch of small functions to a large function and better? Change an angle to think, if a product, try to use fewer products give users a high value function, save time and cost savings, is not with


but now developers are often wrong doing the same thing, given a list of features, allow developers to estimate the development time, they tend to multifunctional products, so some important but time-consuming function is not done, then developed the product with small function is not too important the. As for mobile developers, most mobile phones on the market are now versatile, and they think it will meet the needs of more users. Yes, many mobile phones can meet different needs of users, but the quality of products is often greatly reduced. Because they only require more functions without requiring functionality.

don’t count the number of features, product developers should calculate to bring much value to the customer. Product management does not mean releasing the most functions; on the contrary, you should publish the fewest functions. Marty Cagan, a Silicon Valley product group, Silicon, Product, group, and a multiplayer blog, is the product of a good Valley, designed by the

The responsibility of the

product manager is to define a product that is as simple as possible to meet customer needs. The simpler the product, the easier it is for the user to understand and the shorter the development time, and the easier it is for the technical architecture of the product.

product developers also need to constantly consider whether the existing features of the product are really valuable and sometimes consider removing some functionality. When a product delivers high-value and simplest products to a customer, the product is easy to sell, easy to support, easy to maintain, and brings greater value to users and companies.

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