Women’s film and television art forced to stop the train was Tucao users

in some public places, we should abide by the social order, the girl next to say, it is very reckless, even for taking pictures of the good-looking, under the watchful eyes of the people forced to stop the train.

2015 reported on September 4th, Nanjing, Jiangning love tunnel, a train came, a girl does not hide not flash, keep track of the central camera. The driver saw the girl stop the train. Subsequently, the train started, but the girl went on the track to take pictures, the train was forced to stop again.

under forced to stop the train only under the watchful eyes of the people for the camera, the effect is not good again rushed to remake, have to say the woman is really "willful", he doesn’t know how the train is forced to stop wrong? Is it illegal?

camera is forced to stop the train on the social behavior of a kind of ignorance, his life as a child, don’t let to leave a "shadow" and "falling lifelong regret". Please cherish life, do not arbitrarily break into the railway, and the train to maintain a safe distance, responsible for their own, is responsible for the family, but also a social responsibility.

actually saw this scene, also let a lot of people are very indignant at the same time, for this kind of behavior, we each individual should hold the attitude of denial, and in life is not going to follow.


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