Huan Zuyu retired unemployed venture built east nursery base

don’t think that entrepreneurs are young people. No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to start a business. Quanjiao County, after the retirement of Huan Zuyu to stay at home, to play the heat, entrepreneurs build seedling base, now has become a famous production base in East china. Huan Zuyu embarked on the road to success in retirement.

base chairman Huan Zuyu 70 early this year, medium build, good health. He graduated from the Chinese Department of Anhui University in 70s, he worked for many years in the Propaganda Department of the county Party committee and the literary circles. He had a passion for literature and photography. He was a member of the Provincial Writers Association, the essayist Association and the photographer association.

12 years ago, Huan Zuyu quit the job. Stay at home, he was not accustomed to, one day suddenly have to go to the countryside economic entity founded idea. By studying the relevant industrial policies, I think the nursery stock market promising, they would like to transfer a piece of land to develop nursery stock production.

At the beginning of

"are now online transactions, can be convenient," Huan Zuyu’s daughter Huan Wen smiled sarcastically. Huan Wen school after graduation has a good job, because the base needs a network technology to understand the talent, so she gave up a comfortable job, came here with his father entrepreneurship. At present, has established 2 sites, the base of all varieties of seedlings hanging on the Internet to promote. Attracted Beijing, Liaoning, Hunan, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia and other places of customers, up to 1 days to receive the more than and 10 batch, many are found on the internet." Huan Xiaowen said.


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