Professional services to retain customers

no matter what we are seeking technical services, or the purchase of related items, if the object is not professional enough, I am afraid there is no way to attract us. After all, the space is now so large, so if we want to open a business hot shop, but also need to provide more professional services oh.

weekend, about friends shopping together. Friends want to give seven year old son to buy a pair of pure white sports shoes, can not find satisfaction, thought of a new store opened near a chain shop. For those of us who said after the 70, to accept new things slow, the first time to shop to buy things, consciously novelty, fresh. So, happily into the store. To meet the shopping desire, and then look at how the shop operation.

this shop decoration is good, a modern style, with bright windows and clean tables, display cabinets, shelves store, walls are placed side by side 3 computer, hanging on the wall of the "XX network diagram, that the store is scarce, the sofa, sat a pair of young men and women, looks like is the owner. A friend asked, "do you have any shoes?" The woman looked at us a look back to a "no" on the quiet. I look puzzled and asked: "I heard that the network has nothing to do, how no shoes?" The woman responded: "Oh, I thought you were going to do it! Choose online!" She pointed to the computer.

at that time, I was a bit disappointed: this store service level is too low, the customer has come in, the store has what, see a clear two, still have to let us ask you have shoes online? Hesitated for a moment, my friend and I sat next to a computer. Finally, the friend chose a white sneaker. But she is the first time in the online shopping, afraid of the size of the wrong, asked the owner: "the size of the online error?"

she did not answer directly to us, only vaguely said: "if you want to return, you must pay the freight." Listen to this explanation, we are not comfortable. Helpless, children school urgently, friends are afraid the shoes are small, the children do not wear, on the selection of the slightly larger shoe size. A few days later, the arrival of the goods, the children try, too big to wear, had to return.

through this matter, I have been inspired: Although online shopping, customer independent selection of goods, very convenient, but as the owner, but also should have certain professional knowledge. If you do not know, you can contact the manufacturers, how can we turn a blind eye, prevarication customers? Such services, customers can be satisfied with it? Will you come in next time?

from here, whether operating tobacco, or other commodities, also want to learn more professional knowledge, it is very useful to enhance customer satisfaction. For example, some of the same goods, the price difference is very large. If the customer into the store to buy, you need to explain to customers the advantages of goods, performance.

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