Jiangsu Securities Regulatory Commission announced major shareholders frequent violations

the development of the economy, the need for market economy, the macro-control of the hands of the ongoing regulation. However, in many cases, as a result of man-made reasons, resulting in the disorder of the market economy. Let us look at the following, the Jiangsu Securities Regulatory Commission announced the phenomenon of large shareholders frequent violations.

5 month 20 days, the reporter learned exclusively, Jiangsu securities regulatory bureau of the relevant securities company issued a "Notice of Jiangsu securities regulatory bureau of investigation and the national share transfer system listed company funds" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice").

"notice" pointed out that, at present, the national share transfer system listed company has completed the 2015 annual report disclosure annual report, from the analysis of the situation, the listed company controlling shareholder and related parties listed company funds is more serious.

in order to further standardize the use of funds to prevent listed company, shareholders and their affiliates in various forms of occupancy or transfer money to listed company and other resources, the bureau decided to carry out investigation within the jurisdiction of the listed company funds." Jiangsu Securities Regulatory Bureau in the "Circular" said.

for the three new board frequent big shareholders phenomenon broke out in early 2016, the Commission told the local regulatory bureau issued a document, required checks around the new board listed companies capital occupation, and the annual accounting firms in listed companies released annual report released at the same time, to capital verification.

two investigation points

for the discovery of the existence of a more serious problem in the annual report, the Jiangsu Securities Regulatory Commission requires the relevant securities companies to the end of 2015 in the Jiangsu area of all listed company supervision conducted investigation.

The "Circular"

display, investigation of the contents of two main points: 1, the relevant securities of the company should be combined with the listed company 2015 annual report, shareholders and other related parties of funds special reports and other information, the supervision of company funds in one investigation, investigation content includes the number of funds in 2015, the annual cumulative amount, at the end of the year, the balance of occupation form; 2, at the same time, the relevant securities of the company should sort out the company of listed company continued supervision work, the control requirements of self-examination is diligence to perform continuous supervision obligations.

at the same time, the Jiangsu securities regulatory bureau also made 4 investigation requirements:

first, the relevant securities companies should be in accordance with the requirements of this notice to carry out investigation work, clear personnel, the implementation of responsibility, true, accurate and timely submission of a written report of the investigation work;

second, the report should include the organization of the investigation work, supervision of the company’s total capital account

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