Venture capital should do what business is better

not all people are born rich, most of the real life is the grassroots, only by their ability to change life. There are not so many two generations, the rich generation of the two generation. But there are a lot of entrepreneurial heart of the people, grassroots entrepreneurs, only on their own. Lack of venture capital, what should be chosen to do poineering work?

Q version of solar pot

this product belongs to short, flat, fast project, product life cycle is about 2 – 3 of his time. This product belongs to a new product in the market at present, there is no similar products. The biggest selling point is the shape of the pot lovely,   the leaves of the pot can encounter the sun beating, people feel the exuberant vitality of the pot. This product can not only become a good ornamental potted plants, but also become a fashion gift. This product is currently sold in the surrounding areas of Guangzhou   sales, popular with young people like. Have a broad space in the short term.

multifunctional electronic stick

, digital museum

vacuum blackboard eraser

to the wholesale market Pidian fashionable goods, take a shelf, go to the pedestrian street night market to sell. This is the most common. Profits are about double. It depends on how you choose the clothes, there will be sold.

In fact,

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