What are the names of Taobao shops

like reality shops, if you want to run a successful shop on Taobao, also need a proper name. However, this is naturally related to the name of the store related content. So, Taobao shop name has skill? If you have the skills, what are these skills? Let Xiaobian for you to resolve.

a, Taobao shop name can be used as a famous person or thing.

this image of a gimmick, we can image called "by the name of", that is, by means of personal names and place names to their shop name. Name + industry, is the traditional method of naming the store. Lao She Teahouse, for example.

two, Taobao shop name can be in your shop on the former crown of the famous shop words.

the name of the name of the store Taobao clever use of the name of the shop, but also a good way. On the shoulders of the giants, see farther. This is also the survival of small shops.

It is noted that

is the best target name and their main shops project related shops. This will have a good conversion rate.

three, Taobao shop name can be marked in the name of your shop features.

can be considered from two aspects: the characteristics of the commodity and the corresponding characteristics of the consumer. In addition, the keyword can also get accurate search flow, conversion rate is higher. For example, the function of the store is "from the creative gifts of life Home Furnishing kitchen supplies, when buyers use store search, search for" Home Furnishing gifts, supplies and other keywords, the store will be displayed in the search results.

four, Taobao shop name can be marked in the name of your advantage.


in the title of the advantage of the store, help to stand out in many shops. Therefore, this part can be filled with the nature of the shop, shop features, slogans, quality assurance, credit rating and contact information, etc.. Such as "high quality super popular dress" and "shipping 100" and "four crown" "Shanghai business" etc..

five, Taobao shop name, the name of the family of online shopping can cater to consumer psychology.

transposition thinking, according to the customer’s thought to the title. Usually can be considered in the following five aspects: to meet the psychological needs of nostalgia, to meet the psychological needs of fashion, to meet the "foreign" psychological needs, to meet the psychological needs of Kyrgyzstan, to meet the psychological needs of novelty.

six, Taobao shop name, with poetry and song to create a taste of the name.

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