Governor of Heilongjiang province when college students as a guide teacher

when entrepreneurship education has not been implemented, college students need to wear a good variety of instructors to know, in order to help students more quality to entrepreneurship, the governor of Heilongjiang province to start a college student as a mentor!

"today in this class some" tall ", governor Lu Hao personally to give us a career guidance teacher, two hours of unscripted speech theory, case, very fun." The morning of April 9th, Harbin University of Commerce student Li Hao went out of the school stadium, more than 3 hours of the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship promotion conference ended, but he and his classmates seemed.

"the number of business college students in 2015 4019, is 4.2 times in 2014; the number of business graduates 3659 people, 5.2 times in 2014." More than 85% colleges and universities set up a business guidance courses; the introduction of the 58 colleges and universities to allow undergraduate students to leave the school to retain the relevant provisions of the school enrollment; the people of the unemployed for the start of the procedures for the 56."

"arrangements for the annual 100 million yuan of college students venture seed fund innovation and entrepreneurship students support in college students and graduates in 5 years; the provincial government invested 200 million yuan of funds to set up Heilongjiang province entrepreneurship loan Guarantee Corporation, for a total of 32 million yuan of low rate loan guarantee support for 430 college students entrepreneurship." Heilongjiang provincial education department director Xu Meiliang said.

"not simple, one-sided to the understanding for a Graduate Entrepreneurship office, being your own boss." Lu Hao again stressed that more advocate combined business, encourage the students to cooperate with the graduate entrepreneurship students, together with the tutor and research team to realize the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, dare to have the potential to develop a new business model and work for a small company to dare to temper one and improve the comprehensive quality of the carrier of grass-roots employment. These are also entrepreneurship.

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