Chuzhou, a counterfeit money to escape directly to the money

yuan in the continuous upgrading, but counterfeit criminals or repeated, but the relevant government agencies to intensify its crackdown is necessary. Reporters from the Chuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, in a district of Chuzhou, 17 days before suddenly from the upstairs floating spread out 20 yuan money, at the same time, a man climbed out of the window trying to escape. It turned out that Chuzhou and Fujian police in conjunction with the arrest of a manufacturer of counterfeit stone moumou. Stone has a QQ group, the group are all counterfeit manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, Shi Moumou learned from the group to make counterfeit technology, specializing in the manufacture of 20 yuan counterfeit. According to the police clues, in Henan, Shanxi and other places seized counterfeit money more than 220 yuan.

According to reports, Fujian, Longyan police recently dug a counterfeit money case, found that part of the counterfeit goods shipped in the territory of Chuzhou. Thus, the police immediately organized police rushed to Chuzhou, Langya Public Security Bureau requested the assistance of the case for the case of. According to the Langya Economic Investigation Brigade Longyan police provide express mail address and other relevant clues, quickly identified the suspect is Dingyuan County Shi Moumou, residence is located south of Longpan district.

two police nonstop arrived in Longpan area, located on the 17 floor stone house door xx. Let the shadowed downstairs police surprise, Shi Moumou is like a badly frightened person trying to escape, even regardless of the danger he climbed out of the window. Because the floor is too high to escape hopeless, Shi Moumou will be a large number of counterfeit money is thrown out of the window, will also be used in the manufacture of a stack of counterfeit paper into the 17 floor and the 18 floor between the sill of the interlayer, trying to conceal evidence. The police arrested immediately rushed to forcibly enter, when about Shi Moumou, and seized from their homes nearly 20 yuan face value of counterfeit million yuan, as well as for computer, printer, embossing machine, pressing machine, printing ink, paper and other items of counterfeiting.

to make money through legal channels to the detriment of the interests of others to earn money, and ultimately will only be placed in their own homes in prison! At the same time, after investigation to understand, Shi Moumou 29 years old this year, is the town of Dingyuan city card market. Stone Moumou contact business through QQ, in accordance with the price of 3 yuan per counterfeit to $3.5 to sell abroad, by courier sent to Fujian, Chongqing, Heilongjiang, Gansu and other provinces and cities, a profit of several million. According to the clues, the police then in Henan, Shanxi and other places to collect counterfeit RMB 220 yuan. Currently, the stone has been handed over to the Fujian police.

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