How to open a shop

due to the current is a very obvious entrepreneurial environment, so if you have the idea of starting a business, it is easy to open a shop. However, there is a saying goes, easy to open shop, shop hard, that is, the shop is not like some people think, today opened tomorrow to make money". In fact, there are a lot of knowledge and knowledge to learn from the operator.

first, conform to the shopping district. Shop first consider the operation of the industry according to the operating principles of your choice and reasonable location and business district. The development of the retail industry in the process of point, line to the surface is called business district, is to attract customers in the space, but also to the customer to your store consumption of time or space distance. Business needs to be defined from the location, volume, purpose and other aspects, to have consumer groups, consumer power, to provide consumers with convenient consumption, consumption environment, which reflects the commercial value of your business.

two, a personal name. A good name can attract customers attention, satisfy customer psychological needs, stimulate the customers desire to buy. Now customers are not only satisfied with the material consumption, to meet the spirit, a good name is often cater to their taste quality, so the novel and elegant name can attract a lot of customers. The name should be loud and clear; elegant and of personality; not one-sided pursuit of high, big naming, large and moderate more easily spread.

three, selected consumption targets. The general customer consumption characteristics is: the pursuit of novelty, fashion, performance of goods is very concerned about the "pioneer of consumption"; only buy mature goods, the quality of the goods, services and prices are very sensitive, as long as the goods are worthy of their trust, dependence on customers "real consumption type"; unwilling to bear any risk, quite sensitive to price of commodities, particularly picky, but rely on experts and friends recommend, chose the "thoroughly tempered mature brand" conservative "consumer oriented"; there is also a category can always find a reason not to consumption, the consumption of the type of "suspected found suspicious of any goods they can". As long as you understand these types of consumer characteristics, in the operation can be accurate positioning of the consumer groups, to find their habits, needs, psychological, effective marketing.

four, effective publicity. Advertising is now the commercial will be small, but also the most powerful retail Xianshengduoren weapons. Advertising activities are set up in accordance with the operating principles of business operators, and with the specific business strategy, to carry out all promotional activities. The date of the shop, the theme of publicity, the development of slogans and post publicity and other means are in order to guide the consumer awareness, the image of the shop to do the preparation.

five, effective merchandising. Display refers to the commodity as the main body, art of using certain methods and techniques, to borrow some props, the owner of the goods in accordance with the requirements of thinking, regular display, display, in order to achieve customer convenience, improve sales.

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