My music cabinet brand

see 2017 at the beginning of the new year I am happy cabinet, warm orange action officially started: let us witness the warmth of power

I music cabinet brand introduction:

sincere service is an option, but also an attitude; is a positive and healthy lifestyle, but also the embodiment of brand value. I started by the music 2017 orange warm return action, for the next 6 years to lead the Chinese home industry after-sales service model. I am happy with their enthusiasm to send customers care, transfer positive energy of love and brand out, deepen the music on my brand temperature in the minds of customers, it has also become a brand service activities I enjoy unremittingly.

with the footsteps getting closer, every family needs a thorough cleaning, kitchen cleaning is difficult, at first glance, the greasy lampblack machine and table, cabinet body, paint moldy deformation damage, loose rust door hardware, and dirt hidden in the corner, like this the kitchen is a headache?

2017, I love orange warm customer return activities officially launched! Not only for the purchase of my customers free of charge to provide on-site maintenance and maintenance services, but also to help customers better use the kitchen, on-site understanding of customer needs and recommendations to make your home a new look!

line I am happy to open the country’s 1000 stores synchronized activities, I will be happy to the music of every one of my music consumers in the home, and strive to visit the rate of 100%. According to the requirements of the event, my staff will be happy to visit the phone in advance to understand customer needs, and in accordance with the agreed time to personally clean up free repair. The staff is still wearing my music symbol as in the past to visit customers, washing, cleaning, repair, make the kitchen to shine, become an important local one family reunion, the new 2017 more warm and beautiful!

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