All driving line autumn beauty suction eye National Day holiday Qinghai tourism is expected to usher

9 middle of the month, in the WeChat circle of friends, the province’s major WeChat public numbers have launched the Qinghai autumn beauty driving route and other WeChat dinner, quickly detonated circle of friends. January to August, Qinghai received a total of 22 million 639 thousand and 800 visitors, including tourists in Qinghai in the first half of more than 782 months. In the "eleven" golden week as an opportunity, Qinghai is expected in October will continue the summer tourism hot trend, which this year tourists accounted for the province’s tourism self driving tour received a total of 70%, will continue to dominate the autumn tourism market boom.

Qinghai, the blue sky, Xiaguang plateau lakes, Wanli grassland landscape features rich and diverse, so many tourists choose self driving tour. Industry insiders estimate that this year’s National Day golden week, self driving tour, rural tourism, outdoor tourism will also become a major feature of national day travel.

according to the province’s major travel agencies, with the Qinghai self driving camp function gradually improved, car rescue, repair and other professional network resources are gradually formed, car rental services, driving professional tour guide service is gradually perfect, this self driving tour will be the trend of the National Day golden week "". Relevant person in charge of the province’s tourist attractions, said the current self driving tourists accounted for about 70% of all scenic traffic. At the same time, Qinghai people driving travel scenic spot in Qinghai will usher in a small peak during the national day.

9 29, the reporter visited a number of star hotels in the province, Fasthotel learned that from September 30th to October 4th, the volume of housing than a few days ago, a substantial increase. In a Fasthotel in Xining city road victory in front of the door, a team from Xi’an bicycle self driving tourists are ready to go, team leader Qi Diancheng worried about "highway eleven" during the holiday will appear the phenomenon of traffic jams, so to prepare ahead of Qinghai Lake tour around.

Reporters from the

Committee for development of tourism in Qinghai province was informed that since the beginning of this year, by the province to further promote the tourism promotion and marketing innovation Chunchao action, improve the tourism comprehensive driving ability, in July, the province’s total of 6 million 132 thousand and 500 tourists; in August, 6 million 377 thousand and 800 tourists, the tourism economy maintained a good momentum of development.

to regulate the tourism security and tourism market to work around the National Day holiday, tourism departments at all levels of careful arrangements during the National Day holiday tourism market supervision, increase the rectification efforts on major issues there is a big security risk and disrupt the market order, further enrich the holiday tourism products, tourism consumption around the mining potential of active holiday tourism the market, fully prepared for the National Day holiday tourism in Qinghai.


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