Nanchuan river landscape with the new appearance

new lighting shop, rich cultural relief, all kinds of fitness facilities…… The reporter learned from the West District Construction Bureau, since the Huangshui River landscape improvement and renovation, Nanchuan river landscape belt is very simple. For the rich people’s travel environment, Chengxi District Construction Bureau will upgrade and transformation of the 1865 meter long Nanchuan river landscape belt, and greenway system extends to the west area of Nanchuan river.

Minamikawa Kawayuminami passes through the city and plays an important role in the supply of groundwater in Xining and the adjustment of ecological environment in the basin. But because the riverside landscape is single, waterfront land on both sides of the hybrid, the lack of variety of waterfront space, along the river embankment road and upper Park and municipal road there is a big difference, from the road to the river road through the basic steps, the lack of intact disabled ramp.

to create a "poly gas, Rongcheng" as one of the city waterfront recreational trails landscape. The west area of a total length of 1865 meters of Nanchuan river landscape belt transformation. Nanchuan river landscape transformation project mainly includes paving, landscaping, lighting, furniture, by increasing the upper road and bridge and embankment ramp and steps, make people more easily reach the River Road, convenient public travel activities; increase the activity of fitness facilities and the rest of the platform, to attract more people to the river activities, promote the development of around the city commercial; modification treatment on the bottom of the bridge and the bridge elevation, increasing cultural relief and green wall, rich landscape bridge. The formation of perfect function, complete city slow system of leisure entertainment, outdoor activities and cultural heritage tourism in one, is a kind of effective carrier with ecological protection, improving people’s livelihood and economic development is perfect, not only to enhance the quality of the city, the city space more harmonious.


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