Poor air quality is natural or man-made

is not only in Xining, Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Gansu, Sichuan, and even the Jiangnan said Jiangsu, Anhui this year, failed to escape the Dust Haze Weather attacks around the poor air quality, "human vacuum cleaner" became the media hot words.

is a natural or man-made? Obviously both two. Geographical location and natural conditions of Xining, Xining decided to go to the air dust.

half a good number of days 61 days of anxiety

"we have taken a series of governance measures in the first half, some results are obvious, in the face of dust prone, governments at all levels are very anxious." An environmentalist told reporters.

National Environmental Monitoring Center released the first half of this year, the national 74 key city air quality report shows that the air quality in Xining City, effective monitoring of the number of days for 181 days, the number of days to reach the national standard level two of the total effective monitoring of the number of days 33.7%. In other words, the first half of Xining excellent days only 61 days.

first half of the year, Xining air quality index in the neighboring city of Xi’an, Yinchuan, ranked Lanzhou, Urumqi although there is no bottom, but not before, the reason, like the dust all over the country, become a major killer of air quality in Xining".

is located at the junction of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the Loess Plateau of Xining, the people here are destined to battle with heaven and earth and sand. "The last century before 90s, Xining will be on time every afternoon blowing sand, then Xining City, very few trees, South Hill is bare, if have monitoring, air quality will certainly be worse than now." This year 78 year old Chen Dakai told reporters. With the increase of Xining green, and now feel a lot better air quality, but this year seems to be a bit windy weather.

analysis found that the main pollutants in the atmosphere of Xining PM10 and PM2.5. The main source of PM10 is urban dust, and Beijing, Inner Mongolia is located in the same geographical position, every spring, Xining will continue to encounter dust weather invasion. But it is undeniable that, in addition to natural factors, due to the rapid development of the city of Xining, two dust is also one of the culprits. Remote sensing information, the main activities of Huangyuan and Ledu area to 265 square kilometers, the number 164 is composed of 197 natural bare land at the end of 2011 to the 2012 increase in the number of construction site from 230 increased to 338, the number of the number of construction sites and bare land were increased by 37.86% than the end of 2011, 102.86%. As far as Xining is concerned, by the end of 2012, the natural bare land area in Xining has reached 8.09 square kilometers, and the construction site area has reached to the area of 10.92 square meters;

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