Xining labor department intends to introduce new measures to help SMEs solve financing difficulties

22 was informed that the municipal labor and social security department is currently considering the perfect microfinance policy measures to help SMEs to solve the financing problem, in order to promote the unemployed groups and all kinds of employment in our city.

in order to further help SMEs solve the problem of financing difficulties in the economic crisis, the city’s labor department will increase the intensity of small loan guarantees to achieve entrepreneurial employment. It is understood that these proposed policies include: one is to expand the scope of small loans, where has a permanent residence in Xining all kinds of entrepreneurs, home business or business in city farmers can be included in the scope of small secured loans, at the same time will be leasing, contracting individuals or companies engaged in the production and operation of various types of business personnel into small loans issued at the same time range; two is to increase the loan amount, the maximum not more than 50 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan; three is the use of a variety of anti guarantee and collateral, by institutions qualified staff to provide counter guarantee, but also the implementation of 3 – 5 people group entrepreneurship; training of personnel to apply for small loans business projects, by the County Business Advisory Committee of experts to guide the abolition of the anti guarantee can be demonstrated by four; Is to expand the scope of the discount, increase the intensity of discount; five is the city’s labor and social security departments to absorb laid-off workers of all types of enterprises (except for the national restrictions on the industry) to collect items, increase the intensity of small loans. At the same time, the relevant responsible person said, welcomed the small and medium enterprises to actively apply for small loans to the labor and social security departments.


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