Continental GP 5000 TL goes tubeless, finally! New, modern benchmark road tire?

first_imgFor the past few years we’ve seen almost every tire maker come to the realization that tubeless makes an all around higher performance road tire. Having held a top spot in the premium road clincher market almost since the GP 4000’s debut fourteen years ago, Continental have finally adopted road tubeless with the next generation of their all-around Grand Prix tire. The new GP 5000 TL claims improvements in cornering grip, long-term durability, ride quality & puncture protection with the now obvious real world rolling resistance improvements of road tubeless. Oh and you can also get a much improved GP 5000 clincher too.Continental GP 5000 TL performance road tubeless tiresContinental readily admits that they are late to the road tubeless party. Super late, in fact. It seems having a tire that is almost universally praised as being an all-around road market leader can make you a bit complacent. But Conti haven’t just been resting on their road tire laurels, they have been working on developing a solution that they are super happy with. While tire-rim fit has varied from brand-to-brand since the real start of road tubeless, Continental wasn’t happy with simply adapting the low pressure tubeless solution that works for mountain bikes to their premium road market. They don’t want long time GP 4000 fans to buy a tire, fight with tubeless setup, possibly give up, and lose faith in a long-time trusted tire.Conti’s whole marketing ploy around the new tubeless tires is that it needs to just work. Tires should disappear beneath you, and we shouldn’t need to worry about our tires or have to stop your ride to fix flats. The marketing copy says that once you get onto the bike, “It’s your time” to ride, trouble-free. But they readily admit (and kind of accept) that also, “It’s about time!”So Continental developed an all-new TL tubeless construction that they promises will work more easily & more securely that pretty much anything on the market. Plus, they have done it in a tire better in almost every way than their already industry benchmark GP 4000 SII. And it is still entirely handmade in Germany.Continental GP 5000 TL tubeless road tire – Tire Tech DetailsThe heart of making the tubeless tire is a fully sealed butyl inner liner to the 3-layer/180tpi casing, and the large squared off bead that promises a fast and easy seal. We haven’t had a chance to mount one up (if fact, we are publishing this article a day early since another organization failed to respect an agreed upon embargo), but will report back when we get a chance.This is not a tubeless-ready tire, but a fully tubeless tire. The sealed casing is totally air tight. But Continental still says you need to run the tire with tubeless sealant, both to ensure maximum flat protection and to ensure a seal between the rim to bead interface.But it isn’t just a new bead, the Gran Prix 5000 TL is almost completely redesigned, improving on most every characteristic. Continental’s signature Black Chili rubber compound has been remixed for improved rolling resistance and better mileage, while also maintaining grip. The Vectran puncture protection layer has evolved to be more resistant without affecting the flexibility of the casing.The signature tread pattern on the tires shoulder has been remade, by laser etching the mold (instead of the previous machined grooves in the mold) to create a more porous texture to the rubber for greater surface area and more grip while cornering. Conti also assures us that the modified should detailing maintains the same aero performance, that we have personally witnessed in the wind tunnel helps create a turbulent boundary layer of air, improving aerodynamics especially of deeper aero wheels at increasing yaw angles.Continental GP 5000 TL tubeless road tire – Active Comfort TechAnd unseen inside the casing, but probably the biggest performance improvement in the tire is a new tech called Active Comfort. Essentially by providing more stiffness and controlled damping in the sidewall areas while leaving the portion of the casing under the tread more flexible, Continental promises the ability to run lower tire pressure to maximize comfort & grip, while retaining the stability of higher pressures while cornering at high speed.We think that this Active Comfort tech could be the standout improvement in the new GP 5000 (and at least one Conti engineer agreed). It’s also quite similar to some of the lighter enduro MTB tire tech we seen lately – like in the new BLCK DMND tires from Specialized.  That will especially be the case in the wider sizes available in the new tire, where lower pressures will improve grip, comfort & rolling resistance, now possibly without sacrificing stability & control during hard cornering.Conti GP 5000 TL tubeless road tire – Tire Sizes, Weights & PricingSpeaking of larger volume tires, it was a pleasant surprise to see that Conti has gone wide with the new GP 5000 TL. Remember that they still think of this as a high performance road racing tire. It is rated for up to more than 100psi for the narrower versions, and should only be installed on hooked bead tubeless ready rims. But realistically should be run at much lower levels to get the full benefits of going tubeless. (That also means this type of road tubeless tech for high pressure applications will find its way into other Conti road tires. But gravel & cross tires will likely stick with the lower pressure solutions developed for mountain bikes.)The 75€ tubeless GP 5000 TL is available in 700c x 25, 28 & 32mm versions (300, 345 & 375g, respectively). There’s also a 650b x 28mm version (330g claimed) specifically developed to bring high performance road to smaller riders who get an uncompromised fit & handling on the smaller wheeled bikes (like we’ve seen most notably from Canyon.) Continental chose not to produce more narrow tubeless versions to ensure secure fit and performance with the current crop of wider internal width tubeless rims on the market.The result of that tech is that the new tubeless GP 5000 TL promises incrementally better performance than the new clincher GP 5000. Conti says the tubeless version has 5% less rolling resistance and 5% better puncture resistance, before you even account for tubeless sealant.Continental GP 5000 high performance clincher road tiresAs we alluded to from the start, this is a re-imagining of the GP 4000 SII, a tire that many call the benchmark of performance for all-around road clinchers. So almost all of those tech updates also apply to the clincher GP 5000 too.The claimed performance updates for the GP 5000 clincher vs. the benchmark old GP 4000 SII are pretty sizable: 12% less rolling resistance, 20% better overall puncture resistance, 10g lighter, and with the improved comfort offered by the Active Comfort casing. (And remember, the tubeless version is even better on rolling & puncture resistance.)If those claims are backed up in real world riding, the new GP 5000 tires are set to reclaim their position as a modern benchmark performance road tire for all sorts of riding & racing. Faster rolling & better puncture resistance than comparable tires on the market, while also being near the lightest as well. Conti says they’ve tested the new GP 5000 TL & GP 5000 against tubeless & clincher tires from the likes of Bontrager, Hutchinson, Maxxis, Pirelli, Specialized, Schwalbe & Vittoria, and they seem pretty comfortable that the GP 5000s are going to set the new standard again for years to come.From the outside they look virtually identical and share the same updated Black Chili rubber, the new Lazer Grip micro texturing, and even the Active Comfort stability tech inside the casing.But inside the differences are more obvious. The tubeless GP 5000 TL has the ribbed inner butyl liner layer that seals air inside, while the tube-type GP 5000 has the same patterned web that controls the interface with an inner tube.At it’s core, the construction of the clincher GP 5000 is similar to the tubeless version, without the additional liner or special, blocky tubeless bead. The result is a tire that is lighter and uses a more fine 3-ply/330tpi casing, but still doesn’t quite match tubeless for lower rolling resistance.The clincher is available in a slightly wider range of more narrow sizes, suited also to fit the more narrow road rims that are still used on many tube-type bikes. The clincher GP 5000 comes in 700c x 23, 25, 28 & 32 (200, 215, 235 & 290g, respectively) as well as 650b x 25 & 28mm (claimed 205 & 230g). The new Conti GP 5000 clinchers all share the same 63€ recommended retail price.As a running change, Continental has ended production of the GP 4000 for several months, and you will only find the new GP 5000 once existing stock in the market is exhausted.Conti GP 5000 TL tubeless & GP 5000 clincher road tires – AvailabilityAll of the tubeless and clincher Conti GP 5000 TL & GP 5000 tires have been in production for months – entirely developed & handmade in Germany in-house by Continental. They are available from tomorrow November 8 through all of the typical retail channels. We’ve heard that warehouses are stocked, and many of the bigger distributors in Europe & the Americas already have the new tires waiting to go. But Conti does anticipate high demand for some of the tubeless versions, so order fast if you really want to ride them read more

Win Quoc Gran Tourer gravel shoes, buy stylish DZR Zurich boots, matte Sidis

first_imgLast week we gave you a Sneak Peek at new carbon-reinforced gravel shoes coming soon from Quoc. Before you can even Kickstart them, you can win a pair. Back to what you can buy, DZR has a limited edition boot for women, blending tall boot style & on-the-bike function. And Sidi, long a fan of high gloss adds new matte finishes to road & trail.Win Quoc Gran Tourer gravel shoes before anyone elseBefore their Kickstarter opens Mar 15, Quoc is giving away a pair of these pre-production Gran Tourer gravel & bikepacking shoes to one of our readers. The carbon-reinforced shoes were produced as a part of this initial pre-production batch to prep for their crowdfunding project and will come with a pair of Quoc merino socks. To enter to win a pair of these shoes:1. like our Gran Tourer Instagram contest post…2. tag two gravel or bikepacker friends in the Instagram comments…3. follow both @bikerumor and @quocgravel, and lastly…4. register over at Quoc’s contest page.Enter now, with the last deadline on Mar 6. The winner will be announced on Mar 15. Everyone who signs up will also get on Quoc’s VIP list, giving you a heads up on the best limited discount deal available when their Kickstarter campaign opens.Quoc.ccDZR Zurich women’s boots blend function & styleDZR’s latest urban cycling shoe is a limited edition zip-up boot designed for women. Mixing the look of a stylish tall boot with a cycling specific SPD-compatible construction, DZR’s owner & designer Shane Rattazzi calls the Zurich 2.0 boots “just about the only clipless shoes you would want to wear with a skirt, ’cause we can mash on our pedals and still wear a dress.”Available in limited quantities, she wanted a minimalist design to transition from bike to around town. The Zurich 2.0 is made of a mix of a nubuck leather/textile upper with a full-length zipper, and an SPD-ready natural gum sole. It gets a leather lining to fit closely to the foot, and features a Variable Flex Shank that balances pedaling efficiency & walkability. The $230 shoes are available in this steel blue or burgundy and sizes from 37-40 (although only 39 & 40 look to be in stock now.)DZRshoes.comSidi Matt Line, more subtle matte finish cycling shoesNew to the Italian shoemaker’s 2018 line-up are matte finishes for their top Shot road & Tiger mountain bike shoes. Adding on to the array of standard colors & gloss finishes, the matte shoes aim to be a tiny bit less flashy.They are still Italian cycling shoes though. So while the majority of the new black or white synthetic Techpro uppers get a matte finish, the still get combined with showy red, blue, or yellow primary colors.Sidi.comlast_img read more

NextGen Spotlight Concert, Hosted by Jelani Remy, to Benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

first_img Storm Lever Shereen Pimentel View Comments LaChanze Star Files Ain’t Too Proud star Jelani Remy has been keeping busy in quarantine! The former vlogger has created a virtual fundraiser NextGen Spotlight, which will air on July 27 at 8PM ET and benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. The event is produced by the leaders of Broadway Cares’ young professionals group, the NextGen Network. Those interested can register here. All donations during the stream will be matched up to $5,000 by the NextGen Network executive board, the NextGen Advocates.NextGen Spotlight will feature performances and conversations with special appearances by LaChanze, Storm Lever, Shereen Pimentel, Analise Scarpaci, Matt Rodin, Marina Brabender, Joanna Burns, Garrett Clayton, Marti Gould Cummings, Nia Imani Franklin, Mila Jam, Jonny Lee Jr., Justin Anthony Long, Douglas Lyons, Matt Manuel, Kellen Stancil, Sergio Trujillo, Natalie Weiss and more to be announced.“I want to be the change that unites our theater community and celebrates our individuality and talent,” Remy said in a statement. “Thanks to the NextGen Network and Broadway Cares, we are creating this platform to do just that and more for the next generation.”center_img Jelani Remy(Photo: Caitlin McNaney for Analise Scarpaci Jelani Remy View All (5)last_img read more

Foundation helps develop leaders

first_img April 1, 2009 Gabrielle Davis Regular News Foundation helps develop leaders Special to the News Research funded by The Florida Bar Foundation shows that young legal aid attorneys are ready and willing to step up the leadership ladder in their offices, but many feel they haven’t had adequate preparation.The Foundation is working to change that.The Foundation has allocated $100,000 and has collaborated with the Center for Legal Aid Education (CLAE) to create The Florida Leadership Development Institute, a 14-month program that teaches legal aid attorneys the fundamentals in leadership with hands-on support from mentors who are more experienced attorneys and leaders in legal aid.The Foundation-funded 2007 study on recruitment and retention in legal aid demonstrates young legal aid attorneys are “underutilized and are leaving legal aid in two or three years,” said Paul Doyle, director of the Foundation’s Legal Assistance for the Poor and Law Student Assistance grant programs.“The Leadership Development Institute is directed toward enabling young, promising advocates to be a force for leadership in the programs where they are now,” Doyle said.Through the program, Leadership Development Institute fellows and mentors develop a comprehensive set of skills essential to the exercise of leadership in a social justice context. The combination of in-person retreats and Web-based activities provides continuity and ongoing support to Leadership Institute fellows and mentors as they apply new concepts and skills to actual legal aid work and challenges.The Florida community’s 30 institute fellows and mentors are already working together to identify their leadership characteristics and apply different problem-solving techniques in their various legal aid offices.CLAE graduated a class of legal aid attorneys in an institute in New England in 2007. There is another institute in New England running concurrently with Florida’s institute.“We’re hoping to expand to the other states and create a network of emerging leaders and mentors that will have a common language and a common vision for legal services in the future,” said Zenobia Lai, senior training director with CLAE.Over the course of the program, the institute fellows will also work with their mentors and institute faculty on projects proposed by the fellows based on problems they’ve identified in their legal aid communities.The last week in February, the fellows and mentors met for the first time in Orlando.One attorney is working to get financial support for domestic violence victims so that they are able to remain independent outside their former abusive households.“When they get their injunctions to have their safety ensured, they can have the money to stay out of the relationship and hopefully end the cycle of violence,” said Kim Banister, of Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida in Daytona Beach.Another attorney is working on ways to address systemic changes to recurring problems identified through the implementation of a landlord-tenant legal hotline.Ilenia Sanchez-Bryson of Legal Services of Greater Miami, who was tasked by her agency with developing the hotline, said when she set out to build what she thought people needed, she found a recurring set of problems the clients faced that fell outside the realm of legal advice the hotline was set up to provide.“The problems are much bigger than me or my agency,” Sanchez-Bryson said.“This is a great opportunity for me to know who the powers are and to figure out who to bring together and make things happen.”And Lissette Labrousse is researching better ways for low-income Haitians to have full access to legal services.In looking over the fellows’ project ideas, many of them have what it takes to be in leadership, said Dick Bauer, CLAE senior equal justice training fellow.“The institute will teach them how to use those skills to get results,” he said.The institute will convene again in Orlando in May and September and will conclude in January 2010. Gabrielle Davis is the communications coordinator for The Florida Bar Foundation and may be reached at or (407) 843-0045. Foundation helps develop leaderslast_img read more

Justice Thomas vists UF

first_img U.S. SUPREME COURT JUSTICE CLARENCE THOMAS spoke to a full courtyard of nearly 600 people recently during the Marshall M. Criser Distinguished Lecture in Law at the University of Florida. Thomas participated in a candid conversation with law students Lauren Humphries, David R. Maass, Eric Netcher, and Zack Smith. Thomas talked about his struggles in law school, love for the South, and offered a glimpse into his personal philosophy on his life and career, which includes surrounding himself with positivity and avoiding cynicism. October 15, 2012 Regular News Justice Thomas vists UFlast_img read more

Revenues from tourism in 2015 grew by 7,6 percent

first_imgAccording to the Croatian National Bank (CNB), in 2015, revenues from tourism from foreign guests amounted to 7 billion and 961 million, which compared to 2014 (7 billion and 401 million euros), represents growth of 7,6 percent, ie EUR 559,5 million.Revenues for personal reasons in that period amounted to 7 billion and 742 million euros and increased by 7,4 percent, or 534,1 million euros compared to 2014. Revenues for business reasons in 2015 for the first time since 2007 increased compared to the previous year in the amount of EUR 219 million, ie an increase of as much as 13 percent or EUR 25 million more than in 2014. year.In the fourth quarter, ie during the months of October, November and December 2015, revenues from tourism amounted to EUR 663,5 million, which is an increase of 622,8 percent compared to the same period last year (EUR 6,4 million), ie an increase of € 40,7 million. Revenues for personal reasons increased by 40,2 million euros, or 6,9 percent. In the fourth quarter of 2015, these revenues amounted to EUR 620,9 million, while for the same period last year they amounted to EUR 580,7 million. Revenues from business arrivals in the fourth quarter amounted to EUR 42,6 million, an increase of 1,2 percent and EUR 0,5 million more than in the same period in 2014.”We are very pleased with the revenues, which reached almost 8 billion euros, which was according to our expectations. With domestic consumption, revenues will amount to at least 9,3 billion euros, which is the best result so far. This is the result of the work of synergistic work of everyone in the tourism sector, and I congratulate them all on the excellent results last year. Given the investments planned this year in both the hotel sector and additional facilities, I believe that 2016 will surpass 2015. “Pointed out the Minister of Tourism Anton Kliman.The share of revenues from travel – tourism in total GDP in 2015 was 18,1 place which represents an increase of 0,9 percentage points compared to 2014. In the fourth quarter, the share of revenues from travel – tourism in total GDP was 6 percent, which compared to the same period in 2014 represents an increase in the share of 0,2 percentage points.Source: Ministry of Tourismlast_img read more

Chart in charity initiative

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Australia: Oceanlinx Prepares for Construction of Port MacDonnell Wave Energy Project

first_imgOceanlinx, an international company in the field of wave energy, is preparing for the development of the Port MacDonnell wave power project this week, according to the ABC news site.The project worth AUD 7 million involves building of a 20-square metre offshore concrete unit, which will have the ability to supply electricity to 1,000 Port MacDonnell households. The necessary equipment has started arriving to the site where the construction workers have already started the preliminary work. The construction itself is expected to start by the end of this month, or early next month, so the development of the project is on track and is progressing as scheduled. “Construction people will be pouring concrete and doing the construction work and hopefully, it’s quite exciting, we hope very soon to get everything up and running basically,” Oceanlinx CEO Ali Baghaei is quoted by the ABC as saying.The wave power project is scheduled to be connected to the grid by the end of the year.[mappress]Offshore WIND Staff, June 12, 2013; Image: oceanlinxlast_img read more

The lawyers’ playground

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A lesson from history: realise the pain early when recession looms

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