FC Rostov 1-1 Manchester United: Red Devils stars rated and slated

first_img SUB – Antonio Valencia – N/A – Not enough time to make an impact 14 14 14 14 Paul Pogba – 6 – The playing surface proved to be a major obstacle to the French star’s game as he struggled to display his dribbling ability Marcos Rojo – 7 – Looked unconvincing at times but was United’s most impressive performer as part of a back-three SUB – Anthony Martial – 6 – Injected some pace into the United side but it proved to make little difference 14 14 Ander Herrera – 6 – Showed plenty of energy to close down the Rostov midfield, but his passing game was affected by a truly awful pitch Chris Smalling – 6 – Got caught ball watching for Rostov’s equaliser and failed to repay his manager’s faith for giving him the captain’s armband SUB – Michael Carrick – N/A – Not enough time to make an impact 14 Daley Blind – 6 – Tidy in possession, but his passive attempt at closing down allowed Kalachev to find Bukharov in the penalty area to level the scores 14 Sergio Romero – 7 – Helpless to deny Bukharov’s equaliser and was let down by his defence for their lack of communication 14 Henrikh Mkhitaryan – 7 – Became the first United player to score in three successive European games since Wayne Rooney in 2010. Showed great composure to tap home Ibrahimovic’s pullback 14 Ashley Young – 7 – Played as a right-wing back and showed plenty of drive and determination in both defence and attack 14 Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 7 – A quiet night by the Swede’s standards but once again proved pivotal as he swivelled away from his marker to set up Mkhitaryan Phil Jones – 6 – The major culprit for Rostov’s equaliser as he completely lost Bukharov in the penalty area. To add insult, Jones didn’t deem it necessary to warn Smalling 14 14 Marouane Fellaini – 7 – Given the nod to start for his aerial threat and it proved to be a wise decision as he played in Ibrahimovic after controlling Jones’ long ball on his chest expertly Manchester United took one step closer to qualifying for the quarter-finals of the Europa League after scoring a vital away goal against FC Rostov.Jose Mourinho’s side struggled to find their rhythm on an awful pitch in Russia, but Henrikh Mkhitaryan managed to put away one of United’s rare chances and put them firmly in the driving seat of the last-16 knockout tie.But how did we rate their individual performances? Click the right arrow above to find out… 14last_img read more

STANLEY Security Launches Retail Software that Integrates Exception-Based Reporting and Video Surveillance

first_imgAn intelligent solution designed to lower retail operating expense by uncovering broken processes, improving customer experience, and reducing shrinkage was recently launched by STANLEY Security. The new software, called TRENDS™, allows corporate leaders and managers to drive operational efficiency while maintaining strong business ethics inside the company.“TRENDS automates many of the day-to-day tasks that managers juggle,” said Matt Kushner, president of STANLEY Product Solutions. “The solution helps accelerate leadership decision-making by allowing them to focus more time on the actual business.”Designed for flexibility to scale regionally and nationally, TRENDS leverages exception-based insights combined with surveillance footage to uncover inefficient processes. The retail software can be quickly customized to each unique retailer’s business model, point-of-sale system and reporting needs from multiple data sources.- Sponsor – “Our solution is continuing to evolve and will soon include predictive analytics” said Kushner. “While extracting patterns and outcomes from our beta test data, we experienced an even greater increase in productivity that our customers will benefit from.”There are multiple pain points that can be relieved by three featured benefits of TRENDS:Provides timely data that allows executive leadership to engage in better decision-making with the help from clear, customizable and easy-to-use dashboards that report values across daily inputs, processes and activity.Reduces unknown theft by identifying broken processes, data discovery shows point-of-purchase successes and challenges. This eliminates frustration between departments and helps potentially expose organized crime activity.Incorporates video surveillance for advanced video visualization decreases operating expenses across the company. This provides corporate loss prevention teams with documentation needed for asset protection criminal cases and prosecuting thieves.With the integration of the solution, TRENDS customers will be able to understand point-of-sale challenges and determine which locations may need additional strategic planning.“With the click of a button, TRENDS can help you prioritize how to improve your retail customer experience” continued Kushner. “Many software alternatives on the market only include exception-based reporting. By leveraging video to accelerate decision-making, retailers can use the intelligence to reduce both malicious and non-malicious retail loss.”For more information, visit www.stanleysecurity.com/trends.  Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

A Gaming Replacement for Those Annoying CAPTCHAs

first_imgdavid strom Tags:#hack#security Why You Love Online Quizzes 7 Types of Video that will Make a Massive Impac… Growing Phone Scams: 5 Tips To Avoidcenter_img How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees? Related Posts We all know about those authentication blocks of text called CAPTCHAs, perhaps too well. (Today’s fun trivia: The acronym stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart.). A new idea from PlayThru is to embed a small Flash or HTML5-based game that a human plays with a mouse to prove he or she really is a carbon-based life form. It is intriguing, potentially less annoying, and has captured (if you will excuse the pun) a few supporters already. The service is just getting started, and it is free to try out.The CAPTCHA process was developed in 2000 by several computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University. It has since spread like kudzu to various websites, where site owners try to prevent automated bots from bombarding their pages.The original thought of Alan Turing with his namesake test was to develop some way for a human to tell when it was talking to a computer. The CAPTCHA is actually this process in reverse: It is administered by a machine, but tries to distinguish humans. It hasn’t been working all that well, though. Many spammers employ a variety of techniques to defeat them, such as by paying low wages to actual humans or running optical character recognition software to ferret out the CAPTCHA codes.In the process, as so often happens with the Internets these days, the bad guys are making for a miserable user experience for the rest of us. The codes have gotten harder to read by ordinary humans, and many users will abandon a Web page rather than try to enter the right code. Updates such as user refreshes to get a new code or audio translators haven’t helped much. Enter PlayThru’s attempt. Their service, perhaps the first game-based CAPTCHA, invites users to solve a game by identifying and interacting with dynamic objects, such as dragging and dropping toppings onto a pizza or food items into a refrigerator. You can see an example here.Beta deployments of PlayThru are seeing submission rates increase by up to 40% over text-based CAPTCHAs, and in a company-sponsored survey of 100 people, 98% of the users preferred PlayThru over traditional text-based CAPTCHAs. Granted, that isn’t a scientific sample, but it’s still an indication of how much we all hate the regular CAPTCHAs, and of how much opportunity there is for their replacement.PlayThru isn’t the first company to invent a better CAPTCHA. Oregon-based Vidoop came out with their own innovation a few years ago, but it hasn’t caught on.But this just illustrates the problems in fighting spammers and still making our computer systems usable for the rest of us who just want to go about our business and get work done. The spammers always seem to have ways to defeat the latest technology, no matter how sophisticated. The PlayThru game-based CAPTCHAs could turn into a miniature Space Invaders or World of Warcraft as the automated tools used by the bad guys get better, which would make the simple originals useless. In the meantime, though, try out the demo on PlayThru’s site, and let us know what you think of the idea.last_img read more

Here’s Why I Really Bought ReadWrite

first_imgRelated Posts Tags:#E2e Conference#hardware#ReadWrite Events#wearable world Hi! It’s time for me to speak up and introduce myself. I’m the CEO of Wearable World, the company that bought ReadWrite back in February. To the many who have loved this site for more than 12 years, I’d like to say “Thank you.” Thank you for sticking around and believing in ReadWrite. Like you, I’ve been a reader. I’ve also been a sponsor of ReadWrite. I’m now its owner, and after this post goes live … I’ll be a writer, too.Having participated in all aspects of this business, I’m humbled to have the opportunity to contribute to a publication that matters to the 5 million of you in ReadWrite’s larger community. (That’s my best estimate of the extended audience reached by ReadWrite’s website, social presences, and distribution partners. There are a lot of you!)As Owen Thomas, ReadWrite’s editor-in-chief, has told you, we’ve been reorganizing ReadWrite’s editorial output around new sections that tell you how to build new products and bring them to market. We did this after seeking your feedback and listening to you, and we’re going to continue to listen.The thing is, this is what ReadWrite has always done. When ReadWrite chronicled the social and mobile revolutions, it prepared you to take advantage of those opportunities. When Richard MacManus wrote about the Internet of Things, he forecasted a huge market. And some of ReadWrite’s most popular stories have been guides, tutorials, and explainers about new technology. The only thing Owen is doing differently is presenting it with a more explicit focus on learning and action—what’s new, and what you can do about it.I’m committed to this new editorial direction. Owen and his team are bringing new voices and new insights to the table that would have benefited me when I was building my own startups. ReadWrite In The Real WorldWhen Owen and I agreed Wearable World would be a great new owner for ReadWrite, we saw eye to eye on the need to do more than just deliver great reporting and analysis on ReadWrite’s website. We also wanted to build valuable real-world experiences that lived up to the ReadWrite brand and its promise of democratizing technology and leveling the playing field. You, the ReadWrite community, inspire and help me, and I want to inspire and help you. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to connect with you directly and share something our team has been working on tirelessly: e2e, a new kind of conference for people building products.I want to share with you how this conference came about, and invite you to attend. This is the first of many opportunities I hope we’ll have to connect, and I’d like to start by saying I am thrilled to be able to engage with ReadWrite readers—the next generation of creators of game-changing technology. Unfreezing InnovationInnovation in its first form is never perfect. Entrepreneurs who want to create impact do not do so by moving slowly. But I’ve seen so many get hung up due to constraints—lack of resources and lack of knowledge. We live in a sea of hard choices. That’s startup life. But some entrepreneurs freeze up at key moments in fear of making the wrong decision. If building a startup is difficult, creating an intelligent and interactive product feels nearly impossible.At ReadWrite and Wearable World, we are always looking for ways to connect and educate our community. Our vision is to be the innovation chain for entrepreneurs looking to bring their products to market, for corporations looking to partner with innovative startups, and for governments turning to technology to solve civic problems. A few months ago we came one step closer to this vision when we solidified our partnership with Jabil, a hardware manufacturing giant based here in the United States. By working with Jabil, we’ve secured guidance for entrepreneurs looking to bring their products to market more efficiently and are thrilled to watch what our community will create. (You can count on me to shoot straight with you, so I should let you know that this is a commercial relationship and Jabil is backing the e2e conference financially and working with Wearable World in other ways. We’ll always disclose these relationships to you.)Everything To EveryoneSo we’ve created the e2e conference to usher in our new partnership and kickstart innovation in our community. This jamboree takes place October 13–14 at Jabil’s Blue Sky Center in San Jose. What’s e2e? Well, depends who you ask, because e2e stands for many things, including “end to end,” “entrepreneur to entrepreneur,” “engineer to engineer,” and “experience to experience.” This event delivers on our innovation-chain vision by going through every step you’ll take from idea to market. It’s the most important event for people building a business in IoT and connected hardware, and will provide attendees the opportunity to work closely with the brightest minds in the industry. You are the builders and the dreamers, and I cannot wait to see what we will create together.And if you can’t make it in October, all I ask is that you keep reading ReadWrite—because next to sitting down with us in person at e2e, there’s no better place for you to learn how to build the future than right here.Photo by Martin Fisch  Why Your Company’s Tech Transformation Starts W… Why Your eCommerce Business Should Have a Pop-U…center_img How to Avoid Being Part of 90% of Failed Companies Building a Workplace for the Next 100 Years Redg Snodgrasslast_img read more

Man conspires own kidnapping to garner sympathy vote for kin

first_imgRampur, (UP) A man has been arrested for allegedly conspiring his own kidnapping and blaming it on the rivals of his daughter-in-law, who is a candidate in the panchayat elections, so that she could garner “sympathy” votes, police said today.Accused Pitamber Singh (50) of Pipla Shiv Nagar under Milak police station, hatched the conspiracy with his son and two brothers, police said.Pitambers brother Nayan Sukh, who works as a coordinator in Basic Education Department, on November 23 lodged a police complaint alleging that his brother has been kidnapped by the rival camp.Following the complaint Pitambers relatives staged a demonstration at the residence of the superintendent of police, demanding recovery of the father-in-law of the panchayat elections nominee Sunita.The SP Sadhna Goswami instructed police and crime branch sleuths to launch a search operations.However, the kidnapped man was spotted in forest albeit tied in chains yesterday.Police took him to a secluded place for interrogation where he broke down and narrated the conspiracy hatched to make his daughter-in-law win in the polls.Pitamber also disclosed he his himself in Meerut, returning home Wednesday night and had purchased the chain to tie his limbs.The police soon arrested all other accused and Pitambar has been sent to jail for 14 days on a local courts orders.The Basic Education department?s higher authority has also taken against brother Nayan Sukh, police said.Sadhna Goswami today that she had instructed the crime branch to keep Pitambers mobile phone on surveillance and that tactics worked when the accused was overheard interacting with his relatives over phone. PTI COR TIR ISHadvertisementlast_img read more

The Elders Deplore US Decertification Of Iran Nuclear Deal As Threat To

first_imgThe Elders have deplored in the strongest terms the decision of US President Donald Trump to decertify the Iran nuclear deal as a threat to global peace and stability.They noted that the decision flies in the face of official statements from the US Defense Secretary James Mattis, Chairman of the US Joint Chief of Staff General Joseph Dunford and the International Atomic Energy Authority that Iran is fully complying with the deal.The Elders called on the other signatories to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – Iran, the United Kingdom, France, China, Russia, Germany and the European Union – to continue to do everything in their power to sustain the spirit and implementation of the accord.They also urged members of the US Congress to refrain from imposing fresh sanctions on Iran, as a step likely to strengthen hardliners. The Elders believe that, instead, paths for serious confidential dialogue on all security-related issues in the Middle East should be kept open.Kofi Annan, Chair of The Elders and former UN Secretary-General, said:“The deal between Iran and the P5+1 powers is one of the landmark achievements of international diplomacy in the last decade. I am deeply concerned that President Trump’s action risks jeopardising this agreement and all it represents.”“The Iran deal is an essential part of our global security architecture, and a model for how to respond to other nuclear tensions. If the United States is no longer seen as a reliable partner, it makes the prospects of reaching other agreements to prevent nuclear proliferation far less likely, and our world far more unsafe. Now is the time for calm heads to prevail on all sides, in the interest of our common humanity.”last_img read more