In the first nine months, Zadar County realized over 11 million overnight stays

first_imgIn the period January-September 2016, there were 1.513.077 arrivals and 11.124.696 overnight stays in Zadar County. Out of that, there were 219.600 domestic tourists, and they realized 2.576.460 overnight stays, while there were 1.293.477 foreign tourists who realized 8.548.236 overnight stays. In the first nine months, most guests stayed in private accommodation 685.711, which generated 4.836.388 overnight stays, followed by hotels with 285.951 guests and 1.137.411 overnight stays, and camps with 262.348 guests and 1.912.865 overnight stays.Regarding foreign guests in the period January-September 2016, most guests were from Germany 220.382 guests and 1.864.960 overnight stays, Slovenia 182.560 guests and 1.488.443 overnight stays, Austria 104.118 guests and 683.495 overnight stays, the Czech Republic 98.224 guests and 734.866 overnight stays , Poland 88.250 guests and 634.082 overnight stays, Slovakia 72.723 guests and 532.307 overnight stays, Hungary 67.418 guests and 409.368 overnight stays, Italy with 65.944 guests and 370.728 overnight stays, France 447.868 guests and 209.165 overnight stays and the Netherlands 33.539 guests and 240.099 overnight stays.In September 2016, there were 161.414 arrivals and 1.278.868 overnight stays. Out of that, there were 13.501 domestic tourists, and they realized 292.372 overnight stays. There were 147.913 foreign tourists in September, and they realized 986.496 overnight stays. In September, most guests stayed in private accommodation, 52.686, and 408.596 overnight stays were realized. They are followed by hotels with 47.048 guests and 174.018 overnight stays, camps with 29.784 guests and 233.234 overnight stays.As the eVisitor system was introduced this year, it is not possible to say with certainty what the growth of arrivals and overnight stays is, but one thing is for sure, the current tourist season is a record in all segments, both globally and in Zadar County.last_img

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