The formula for successful tourism product development

first_imgI know most of you don’t like math, so I’ll try to explain the formula for tourism success in words.The thing is very simple, but also complex, but these are all charms of tourism. The greatest power of tourism is that it is not an individual industry, but connects various industries vertically and horizontally. And that is the very essence of tourism, which with the arrival of tourists generates tourist consumption, encourages the development of the local economy and raises the quality of the local community.If we know that, then it is quite clear that investing in the development of tourism is an investment, not a cost. Because by creating the motive of arrival, tourist consumption is generated, which encourages the development of the local economy, raises the quality of the local community and the mentioned consumption returns to the city and the system of tourist communities through taxes and tourist tax.So, investing in tourism is not a cost, but an investment.Take, for example, the city of Zagreb, which is today the best continental tourist destination. In the first seven months, Zagreb recorded a growth of 6 percent in arrivals (a total of 571.562 arrivals) and 15 percent in overnight stays (1.066.553 overnight stays) than in the same period last year. By the way, the city of Zagreb has been recording double-digit growth from year to year for the last six years, and this year the millionth overnight stay was the fastest. This success did not come overnight and only because it is the city of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. It is no coincidence that tourists from South Korea discovered Zagreb this year, nor that Advent in Zagreb was recognized as the best Christmas story in Europe this year. Communication to foreign markets, and especially to South Korea, has been going on for six years, while Advent in Zagreb has been developing for years. The success was generated by many years of strategic work of the Zagreb Tourist Board, and these results are just a product of that work.However, here is a little math, but the positive ones because we are talking about a return on investment, ie earnings 🙂What exactly does this mean when we talk about the numbers – in the first seven months of this year, tourist spending of over 131 million Euros was generated. The amount we get when we multiply the number of nights in the first seven months (1.066.553 nights) by the average daily consumption of tourists of 123 Euros, according to the latest market research TOMAS 2012 Zagreb. Thus, investing in tourism is an investment and the investment is multiplied many times through consumption.Now let’s go back to the beginning of the story… To “discover” the magic formula for the successful development of a tourist productQuality content, story, rounded tourist product and excellent performance generate a motive for the arrival of tourists and an excellent and successful tourist story.Simple, isn’t it?Just like when you play the piano you have to play all the notes exactly to have the perfect melody. Guess all the notes exactly and play the tourist Ode to Joy.And don’t forget, tourism is made up of emotions, experiences and stories. Tell storieslast_img

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