Positive dialogue between tourist guides and the Ministry of Tourism

first_imgA meeting of representatives of tourist guides and Minister of Tourism Gary Cappelli was held at the Ministry of Tourism to discuss constructively the issue of foreign tourist guides and EU directives, ie how to protect domestic tourist guides and open the market to tourist guides from EU countries.The common conclusion of the meeting is that foreign guides working in Croatia must also, like domestic tourist guides, pass the exam for guiding in protected localities. “I agree with our guides that the parties must also pass the exams, so today we agreed that in the next ten days we will jointly come to some kind of document that we will try to solve.Said CappelliThe position of tourist guides was unanimous in the context of maintaining county licenses, while the Minister gave full support in order to protect the profession as much as possible, in relation to the expectations of the EU towards the Republic of Croatia. Also, as Trutanić points out, Minister Cappelli said that the Ministry will benefit from the knowledge that some of the guides have about international and European law, in order to better protect Croatian heritage and identity, which our profession represents to foreign tourists in the first place. “There was also talk of an educational curriculum for guides and escorts, where quality would be raised, and the rest within the required EU standards. Colleague Bakija from Zadar gave a presentation of a two-year education program that would keep the general, special and practical part of the exam, and education would be related to public higher education institutions, which would have a positive impact on combating inflation of guides.”Points out Nikica Trutanić, tourist guideA positive example of Cyprus was also presented, which successfully protected localities and local guides, giving EU colleagues access to their market. “We also encountered a positive reaction from the Minister and his team, which formed a working group to draft a new law and regulations, which included colleagues Nuić, Penić, Talijan, Sučić, Miškulin, colleagues Bakija and Sjekavica (as representatives of all present at today’s meeting). meeting) and 3-4 representatives of the Ministry.”Concludes TrutanićIn this way, Minister Cappelli should be commended for his concern for the profession, for being open to dialogue and for proactively receiving tourist guides immediately for a constructive and well-argued discussion on current issues. This should be normal, but unfortunately so far it has not been such a practice, but the rule was “Who is stronger and closer to the fire”.The first meeting of the working group has already been scheduled, which will be held on Friday, February 24, 2017 at the Ministry of Tourism.last_img

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