Glam Tinkers with Monetizing Social Media

first_imgSince the first Tweets were published on Twitter, magazine publishers have been looking for a way—any way—to monetize social media. Now, one new media company is giving it a shot.Glam Media has launched, a micro-blogging platform for users to find, follow, filter, create and share real-time conversations on events and news from online platforms like Twitter. Samir Arora, CEO of Glam Media, calls Tinker “the first safe micro-blogging solution for brands to advertise on curated event conversations.” Concurrently, the company is launching what it calls “the first professional micro-bloggers network.” Glam says Tinker will allows users to follow specific events, such as “professional micro-bloggers covering an Internet industry conference,” fans Tweeting as they watch an episode of Lost or “bloggers covering the NCAA’s March Madness.” Tinker will offer advertisers “safe” curation and filtration mechanisms to ensure brands will not be seen near potentially harmful posts.How the revenue sharing will work is not entirely clear. Tinker’s “Micro-Blogger Network” is currently building a micro-payments platform for members, acting as a content payment system for opt-in monetization, calculating posts and page views, and attributing a micro-revenue sharing.In February, the company launched a monetization model around real-time micro-blogging at New York Fashion Week and the Academy Awards.last_img

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